Marvel Just Turned A Major Spider-Man Character Into a God

Marvel just turned a major Spider-Man character into a god. That big power-up comes with the latest issue of Marvel's King In Black event series, as Knull, God of the Symbiotes, finally meets his match. Since breaking loose from his prison and traveling to Earth, Knull has touted himself as the Lord of the Abyss, and master of the dark void that preceded the Celestial's initial "Light of Creation." Well, Knull has certainly proven himself worthy of those titles as he's slaughtered and/or possessed the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe. But the laws of the cosmos favor balance and King In Black #4 confirms that the God of darkness has a polar opposite.

(Warning Major King In Black SPOILERS Follow!)

It shouldn't surprise anyone who's been reading the King In Black crossover that Eddie Brock/Venom turns out to be the host for the "God of Light" entity that has come to earth to fulfill its purpose of defeating Knull. After all, this is a Venom story at its core.

However, King In Black #4 certainly has a fun time getting to the final page reveal that Venom is the new God of Light. Eddie's son Dylan finally makes his big stand against Knull and uses his symbiote-control powers to free Marvel's heroes. Jean Grey leads the heroes in a coordinated attack against Knull and his symbiote hordes, managing to pierce the evil god's mind long enough to learn about Knull's rival, a symbiote of light.

That entity (which is revealed to be the true purpose of the Enigma Force used by Captain Universe!) is trying to get to Earth, but can't pierce the symbiote shell Knull placed around Earth. However, the Silver Surfer arrives to answer the God of Light's call, and get the entity through the barrier into Earth. King In Black pulls a big fakeout by convincing fans that Silver Surfer will be the God of Light, before pulling the last-minute change that the entity is really looking for Eddie Brock.

Marvel King In Black 4 Spoilers Venom Eddie Brock God Light Captain Universe
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Eddie is still technically "dead" to the physical world after Knull tore him out of his symbiote and threw him off a skyscraper; however, part of Eddie's essence remains trapped in Knull's symbiote hive mind realm, trying to find a new symbiote that's free of Knull hive. Now it looks like he's gotten something more powerful than he could ever hope for - but how long will it last?


The Uni-Power of Captain Universe appears when people and/or sentient life is in great peril - but it doesn't tend to last. It'll be interesting to see if Eddie Brock's time as a god has a lasting impact, or is just one climatic story device for King In Black before we go back to the Venom status quo.

King In Black is now available from Marvel Comics.