Netflix Gives New Series Too Hot To Handle A Two Season Renewal

Netflix introduced several new shows throughout 2020, including the reality dating show Too Hot To [...]

Netflix introduced several new shows throughout 2020, including the reality dating show Too Hot To Handle, which dominated conversation upon its release. It appears it brought in the viewers as well, and that has earned the show a two-season renewal, with Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos calling the show its "biggest competition show ever" shortly after its debut. It's actually surprising it took this long to get a renewal, but Netflix has been a bit more cautious about handing out renewals during a quite turbulent 2020, and production on season 2 has already started and actually has been underway for the past several months (via Deadline).

Before the renewal announcement was made the project was shooting under the name Parties in Paradise, in part to keep the show's true premise a secret from the contestants.

The first season shot in Mexico, but that has been changed for season 2, which according to the report will film on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Netflix has also brought in Fremantle UK's entertainment specialist Thames to co-produce alongside Talkback, who created and produced the first season. This was done to help deal with production during the pandemic, and the report states that Thames is leading on the project.

Thames has also hired senior crew for te project, though Fremantle says it is a co-production, so it seems there is some confusion or conflict there.

In any case, fans will get more of the addictive reality show sooner than later. For those unfamiliar with the premise, Too Hot To Handle brings in single contestants and puts them up in an exotic location where they of course seek to find love. The twist is though that they are not allowed just about any physical contact, so that means no kissing or other activities, including sex. They also are not allowed self-gratification, and if they are caught doing any of those things they are booted from the show.

There is also a cash prize involved, though when people fail to adhere to the rules that amount goes down.

Netflix has also recently announced that they are rebooting BBC Three and A&E's Sexy Beasts dating show, as well as Jet Set, which is coming from The Circle's Studio Lambert. A new dance show titled All The Right Moves is also in development, which will put the spotlight on dance choreographers.