Painkiller Jane is Coming Back

Indie comics icon Painkiller Jane is returning to print, with a new story being funded on Kickstarter and published by PaperFilms, the company run by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. PaperFilms seems to have cracked the code of being a crowdfunded publishing house, using the mailing list from their previous projects to promote and support its next one. According to the announcement, Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker is a 48-page movie coming from Jimmy Palmiotti, Romina Moranelli, and John J. Hill. The campaign will launch on October 5 at 9 a.m. ET. Typically, PaperFilms Kickstarters deliver shortly after the campaign ends.

The announcement confirmed that "nudity and violence" will make Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker an adults-only book. The character of Painkiller Jane was created in 1995 by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada. She appeared in a TV movie and subsequent series on Sci-Fi Channel between 2005 and 2007.

"We are super excited to bring one of our favorite creations, Painkiller Jane back to the comic world with this all new, self contained story, Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker," said PaperFilms in an announcement. "As we have done with other titles, we'll be launching this one-shot directly to our fans via Kickstarter."

You can read the official synopsis below, and you can pre-order Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker here.

Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker, a 48 page, self-contained one shot story from the creative team of of JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Marvel Knights), artist ROMINA MORANELLI (Sex and Violence, Glarien), and designer extraordinaire JOHN J. HILL (Rage, Painkiller Jane, Sex & Violence, Pop Kill, Crossover) who team up to present an action packed adventure of Painkiller Jane teaming up with a surprise co-star from her past to deliver a special package. With high stakes, high drama, sexual themes, and TONS of action makes this a Mature Audience title.

This campaign has been put together, prepped and ready to go to the printers when we give the ok and the print run! This will be launching on 10/5/2021 at 9am EDT from the team. There will be a ton of different options and tiers available. You can be notified of the launch by clicking the button below and signing up.

And those tiers, yeah, there are some fun ones. The ever popular request is original art so for this project we'll be offering remarque options by both AMANDA CONNER and JIMMY PALMIOTTI (on a specially designed remarque variant cover by AMANDA CONNER). Along with that, we have a huge superstar list of variant covers to the ever popular Mystery Boxes and more, these tiers won't last long so follow the preview launch page link below to be alerted when this campaign goes live!