Save Yourself #1 Review: A Magically Surprising Adventure of Strength

Save Yourself is one of the newest titles to debut from BOOM! Studios, and the comic has got all [...]

Save Yourself is one of the newest titles to debut from BOOM! Studios, and the comic has got all the things fans of this publisher love already. From magical girls to vibrant art, this all-new series has made its way to readers with a powerful strut. Save Yourself #1 is an intriguing take on the magical girl genre that begs us to reconsider if things are ever what they seem.

The series, written by Bones Leopard, starts on a strong note as readers meet Gigi. The heroine is shown to be a fan of this world's saviors known as the Lovely Trio. Their fandom arises after Aoe, Thel, and Gen start saving Earth from intergalactic beasts, but when Gigi comes into contact with these heroines, she learns these magical girls might not be the saviors humanity thought them to be.

save yourself
(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Leopard's smart writing keeps this debut moving at a quick pace, and it only slows down at all the right points. Gigi is made lovable from the start, so readers are well prepared to embrace accompanying her on this adventure. As Gigi struggles with personal grief, readers will want to comfort the heroine, but the arrival of a surprising ally seems to light a spark within her.

Of course, this issue is made all the more lovely thanks to artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews. Their artwork is ethereal and oh-so magical, featuring pastel shades and soft curves. Save Yourself's aesthetic would please even the most hardcore fans of Sailor Moon, but it can transform in an instant. The arrival of the Lovely Trio heralds a more intense art style, and the ensuing gore highlights how misunderstood these three magical girls are.

Save Yourself is only a single issue into its story, but that story's lush world is unfolding in a beautiful fashion. Readers will be wrong to overlook Gigi's debut as she begins a journey to save herself along with untold others. And, if you like the magical girl genre, this series' dark twist will keep you hooked for many more issues to come.

Published by Boom Studios

On June 16, 2021

Written by Bones Leopard

Art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews

Letters by Jim Campbell

Cover by Kelly and Nichole Matthews

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