New Star Wars Comic Features Hilarious Callbacks to Famous Prequel Quotes

The Star Wars prequel films might not have been major hits with all audiences when they first hit theaters, but an entire generation of fans was introduced to the galaxy far, far away through those films and regard them even more highly than the original trilogy. Even audiences who don't entirely love the prequel adventures are quite familiar with them, likely due to these viewers repeatedly watching them in hopes of connecting with them more strongly. In the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Star Wars, Luke Skywalker makes two references that appeal directly to those familiar with those prequel films.

In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, one of the most memorable sequences was the podrace which ultimately resulted in Anakin Skywalker finding his freedom that allowed him to join Qui-Gon Jinn for potential Jedi training. Skywalker's skills saw him defeating the villainous Sebulba, whose aggressive racing techniques saw him wrecking his podracer and exclaiming, "Poodoo," which audiences could infer was likely an explicit expression of disappointment. In the recent issue of Star Wars, Luke uses the word "poodoo" in a similar capacity after falling into a trap.

star wars luke skywalker comic poodoo
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This isn't the only time the Star Wars saga has used the word, but there's no denying the most famous usage was in The Phantom Menace.

Another clear reference to the prequel films is a reference Luke makes to sand.

In Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Anakin famously explained to Padmé how much he hated sand after having grown up on Tattooine, which was covered in sand. Given that this sequence took place while the pair were falling in love with each other and his comments were interjected into scenes of romance, the seemingly absurdity of the comments has become a popular reference both for fans and critics of the prequels.

Luke's adventures, meanwhile, see him using a clumsy water vessel to pursue a person of interest, with the chase resulting in him being tossed into the water. With the help of R2-D2, Luke finds his way back to a sandy beach, only for him to proclaim his love for sand in a facetious manner.

star wars luke skywalkercomic book sand
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

With how famous Anakin's comments decrying sand are and with Luke being his son, this is clearly intended to be a reference to that well-known Attack of the Clones scene.


Star Wars #5 is on sale now.

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