Supermassive 2023 #1 Review: A Classic and Charming Adventure with a Radiant Twist

The Massive-Verse has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, and that ever-growing universe is back with another Supermassive showcase in Supermassive 2023 #1. Like last time around, Supermassive #1 brings together the various members of the Massive-Verse, but with a slightly different approach, and this time around there are more people in play. Rogue Sun has experienced several changes to its central protagonist, and Inferno Girl Red isn't quite what you expect. Then The Dead Lucky introduced Bibi into the mix, while the stalwart team of Nathan and Marshall is the grounding force and in a lot of ways the comedic relief. At times this actually feels like an adventure you'd discover in an RPG, as you meet interesting people along the way who join you on your journey, and the scope of the story is quite large, even if the mission is relatively straightforward. As a lover of RPGs that's right up my alley, and I think fans of the Massive-verse will feel the same way.

Right up front, the work of artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, colorist Walter Baiamonte, and letterer Becca Carey can not be praised enough. This team absolutely crushed this issue, and longtime fans will adore what they did with all your Massive-Verse favorites, while new readers will receive an immense first impression. Rogue Sun's design is already fantastic, but it shines even brighter in this team's hands. The same with Bibi, whose suit and power set pop off the page. 

The battles toward the end are truly larger than life as well, with some two-page spreads that have to be seen to be believed. That said, a simple conversation looks just as impressive and carries the necessary weight and impact to leave an impression amidst all of the larger-scale action, a credit to all involved.

While Bibi's look and abilities shine, so does her personality and how it contrasts with the rest of the makeshift team. In fact, Bibi might just have stolen the show by issue's end, even if her powerset doesn't show up as much as I might have hoped. Whether Bibi's talking to Rogue Sun, Marshall, or Thomasin, the character stands out every time, and the conversations with Thomasin alone are more than worth it.

That's also credited to how the writing team comes together for these major crossovers. Writers Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Melissa Flores, and Mat Groom create a crossover that feels like one story and overall vision and yet retains the individual personality and vibe of each character and their respective worlds. You can move from this to Radiant Black and Nathan and Marshall will still feel like Nathan and Marshall. Likewise, you can move to Rogue Sun and The Dead Lucky and know what you're getting into and move into that solo book seamlessly. The one that sits on the edge a bit is Inferno Girl Red, but that's mostly because of how the character and the power is utilized and the timeframe in which they inhabit. That said, it's still captivating, and I think you'll leave intrigued with the concept.

This does feel different in that it's not as approachable as previous adventure. It's not overly complex mind you, but compared to the last one-shot, there are concepts of time being used here that might not click right away, and if you haven't kept up with Radiant Black and Rogue Sun, you might be a little confused as to why things have changed. The issue does a good job of getting you up to speed for the adventure, but there might still be a few things you stay hazy on.

Supermassive 2023 #1 pulls together its stellar cast of heroes and weaves in classic adventuring elements to create a gorgeous and thoroughly entertaining team-up; both longtime fans and those jumping in for the first time will find something to love.

Published by Image Comics

On May 24, 2023

Written by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Melissa Flores, and Mat Groom

Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Letters by Becca Carey

Cover by Daniele Di Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte