Todd McFarlane Reveals Completed Cover For Spawn Action Figure Kickstarter

Todd McFarlane's KickStarter for the new "remastered" action figure of his fan favorite character Spawn has been so wildly successful that its had a number of new components added on for backers at no extra charge. One of the extras that fans would be getting with the figure is another remaster, an update of the comic book that came with the original figure in 1995. The whole issue won't be redone but it will include a brand new cover, which McFarlane has revealed in full and which you can find below. The color version and a black-and-white version will be available for fans who picked up the Spawn figure three pack.

"The first figure came out in '95, so technically, we're at a 25-year anniversary of the release of that original toy," McFarlane told about the campaign. "So, there's a bit of an event, but that first year, the toys also came with a comic book. So, it was this weird combo that you don't usually get. And so, I was going to experiment with crowdfunding anyway, just to see how it may work out because I've obviously, I've sold to small stores, big stores, and Internet sites. I've done it through my own, but I've never done a crowdfunding. And so, it's an experiment. I don't know how it will or will not work until I do it. So, at some point I just said, 'It's time for us to do it.' And now you combine it with what's happening in the world in real time and all the comic shops essentially going dark, so there's no comic books. But it doesn't mean that our geekiness goes away. We're still fans, it's just we don't have access now to new books, and to something fun that reminds us that we're geeks."

McFarlane's campaign managed to conjure 23,761 total backers with over $3.4 million in pledges. Not only was an updated version of the classic figure part of the campaign but two other versions were also crafted and available for purchase. You can find the official description for the Kickstarter below.

"In 1992 the very first Spawn comic book hit shelves setting sales record for an independent comic. A few years later in 1995, the first Spawn action figure was released to retail and critical acclaim helping to usher in a whole new way of giving you much detailed and ‘art’ to your action figures. Now, twenty-five years later, Todd McFarlane is joining forces with Kickstarter to help deliver an updated version of that original 1995 toy & comic release.


This figure will be 7 inches tall and come with a huge folding cape and weapon. The articulation in this version will be more than double what the original toy had, and the included comic cover will be re-drawn by the international award-winning artist and creator of the Spawn character, Todd McFarlane."

You can check out all the available tiers for the Spawn figure on the official Kickstarter page here.