Todd McFarlane Shares Kickstarter-Funded Spawn Remastered Comic Cover

Todd McFarlane today shared a first look at the completed cover for his Kickstarter-exclusive Spawn comic, "remastered" from the one that came with the first-ever Spawn action figure in the 1990s. The comic is part of a nostalgia-fueled bundle that gives McFarlane a chance to reinvent the wheel a little bit, doing a new Spawn toy for the collector's market that gives that original figure a 21st Century facelift. The original toy came with a comic included to incentivize fans who might not be regular toy collectors to check it out, too. The comic, too, will be remastered for the present day as part of a presentation that brings McFarlane's original offering fully in line with the standards of what he's putting out today.

The comic book cover McFarlane shared today is a black and white version. He told fans that he will share the color version tomorrow.

"The first figure came out in '95, so technically, we're at a 25-year anniversary of the release of that original toy," McFarlane told "So, there's a bit of an event, but that first year, the toys also came with a comic book. So, it was this weird combo that you don't usually get. And so, I was going to experiment with crowdfunding anyway, just to see how it may work out because I've obviously, I've sold to small stores, big stores, and Internet sites. I've done it through my own, but I've never done a crowdfunding. And so, it's an experiment. I don't know how it will or will not work until I do it. So, at some point I just said, 'It's time for us to do it.' And now you combine it with what's happening in the world in real time and all the comic shops essentially going dark, so there's no comic books. But it doesn't mean that our geekiness goes away. We're still fans, it's just we don't have access now to new books, and to something fun that reminds us that we're geeks."

You can check it out below.


Fans will be getting the toys and comic soon enough, so while it's not available on Kickstarter anymore, it will likely pop up, either in limited quantities from McFarlane directly or at least from flippers on eBay, soon enough.