Todd McFarlane Teases Major Revelation for Spawn Fans in New Issue

The upcoming Spawn #313 appears to be teasing a major new addition to the mythos as creator Todd [...]

The upcoming Spawn #313 appears to be teasing a major new addition to the mythos as creator Todd McFarlane has been teasing the arrival of a large, red new Hellspawn character that will apparently be cracking some skulls once he arrives. Previously teased by the writer/artist in a post revealing the issue's cover art, McFarlane revealed a new image of the character in question and wrote: "THE BIG REVEAL IS COMING...VERY SOON! There's been A LOT of speculation from you folks about WHO this giant is. In Spawn 313, on shelves December 23rd, you'll FINALLY find out!" You can find the image yourself below!

One thing we can seemingly guess though is the character's name, as the official solicitation for Spawn #313 teases "SPAWN vs. OMEGA SPAWN." The full solicit for the issue reads: ";CULT OF OMEGA,' Conclusion. The FINAL confrontation: SPAWN vs. OMEGA SPAWN to the death! If this villain cannot be defeated, then the fabric of time will begin to tear and out will pour the savage warriors of Heaven and Hell upon Earth.TODD McFARLANE and CARLO BARBERI conclude their gut-wrenching story of SPAWN vs. OMEGA SPAWN."

Written by Todd McFarlane with art by Carlo Barberi (and two variant covers by Greg Capullo) the issue will be released on December 23.

If we can offer one educated guess, McFarlane's Spawn series has been re-introducing classic Spawn characters back into the mythos like Gunslinger Spawn and Medieval Spawn and even new ones like Ninja Spawn. If the naming convention is any clue, Omega Spawn could be the "final" Spawn from the far future or perhaps some amalgamation of Spawns into one being. Time will tell!

McFarlane remains the writer on the series even after all these years. In addition he has also been hard at work getting his R-rated Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx off the ground. Though production on the film likely won't happen soon due to the coronavirus pandemic, Spawn producer Jason Blum teased a "seismic event" taking place during development for the feature film earlier this year.

"I'm glad you asked. There has been an enormous amount of activity on Spawn," Blum shared with about the project. "No new news that I'm going to reveal here, I'm sorry to tell you, but the title 'Spawn,' I've been uttering that word a lot in the last two or three weeks and we'll have more news to come. But, suffice it to say, it is a very active development."