Marvel's Nanny Just Owned Mister Sinister and We Love It

Last week's Hellions #4 was an eventful one for the X-Men series. The issue saw the Hellions team complete their mission to destroy Sinister's defunct cloning lab, though not without some major complications. Not only did the team itself lose a member, but the original Marauders and Madelyne Pryor were killed as well -- the Quiet Council's decision not to resurrect the latter driving a wedge between Cyclops and his brother, Havok. But even for the rather grim nature of the issue, the issue saw Nanny absolutely own Mister Sinister, potentially laying the groundwork for story to come.

While still at the defunct cloning facility, the Hellions come across the truly dark stains of Mister Sinister's brutal past: waste containers full of various body parts from failed mutant clones. Literally, just vats of body parts of mutant children that Sinister threw away. Nanny in particular is deeply troubled by this, which given the nature of the character makes a lot of sense. Nanny sees herself as something of a savior for mutant children and believes that the human parents of mutant children to be evil and unfit to care for young mutants -- she even, along with Orphan-Maker, travelled the world murdering such parents so that she could "care" for the children. With this self-proclaimed purpose to care for mutant children, the sight of their body parts thrown out like trash was deeply unsettling.

Which thus leads to her great "owning" of Sinister. In the final pages of Hellions #4, Nanny makes it clear that she wants revenge against Sinister for his crimes. Nanny confronts him over the children he threw away like trash and though Sinister defends himself by claiming that without his work Krakoan resurrection simply wouldn't be possible, Nanny doesn't care. She asks how many resurrections have taken place thus far and when he tells her he has to look it up, she has a chilling comeback.

hellions nanny mister sinister
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"When I come to punish you, I want to know how many orphans it will make."

It’s certainly a sobering moment for Sinister, who notes that he doesn’t like the sound of that, but it could also be setting the stage for more to come. The issue also saw Havok crushed to discover that the Quiet Council chose not to resurrect Madelyne because she was a clone of Jean Grey and therefore not "real". Given that Sinister sits on the Quiet Council, Havok may end up being an easy ally for Nanny's plan to take Sinister down.


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Hellions #4 is on sale now.