The X-Men Decide Not to Resurrect SPOILER

When it comes to the X-Men, death has long been something of a revolving door, but on Krakoa there's actually an official process one that allows for the resurrection of almost any mutant. But, as with all things on Krakoa, the Quiet Council, Krakoa's governing body, has the final say on resurrection. After the Hellions' mission to destroy Sinister's defunct cloning lab went seriously awry and lives were lost in the process, the Quiet Council had a decision to make about who to resurrect -- and who they chose to simply leave dead is a shocking one.

Spoilers for Hellions #4 below.

When Madelyn Pryor -- Jean Grey's clone and ex-lover of both Cyclops and Havok -- was revealed to be at the cloning lab with her own plans to exact revenge on Krakoa for excluding her, things went awry pretty quickly. The Hellions were able to ultimately thwart her and destroy the facility, but it came at a cost. The original Marauders that Madelyne had turned into zombie-like creatures were killed by John Greycrow, but Madelyne herself was shot and killed by him as well, her dying words pleading with Havok to remember her as well as her desire to just be seen as a real person.

When the team returned to Krakoa, the Quiet Council had to decide about resurrections and while they decided to approve resurrection for the original Marauders, they decided not to resurrect Madelyne on the grounds that Madelyne being a clone goes against their protocols, simple as that. It's another shunning, this time after death, of Madelyne and it's one that infuriates and devastates Havok, who screams at his brother that she was a real person, one who did in fact exist.

hellions 4
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It's kind of a chilling decision as the world of the X-Men is weirdly full of clones so choosing not to resurrect Madelyne for that reason could set an interesting precedent. However, Madelyne's death and non-resurrection could have further reaching impact beyond that. While on the mission Nanny saw firsthand the evidence of Sinister's brutality and crimes when the Hellions come across buckets full of the body parts of mutant children from Sinister's work. Nanny lets Sinister know very directly that, when the time comes, she's going to punish him severely. With Havok grieving and upset that Madelyne isn't being brought back -- and considering that Sinister sits on the Quiet Council -- it wouldn't be a stretch to see Nanny finding an ally in Havok for when it's time to take Sinister down.


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