Dragon Ball: Goku Takes on Gohan in 'Beyond Super Saiyan' Short

The Son family civil war cannot be contained in the manga as a fan animator creates a new fight featuring Goku and Gohan.

One of the final big moments of Dragon Ball Super's manga saw Goku and Gohan having a "friendly" spar before the shonen series was placed on an indefinite hiatus. As the future of the manga is unclear following the demise of creator Akira Toriyama, fan animators are taking the opportunity to create new battles that never took place in the main continuity. Revisiting the days of the Majin Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z, a new video imagines what might have happened had the father and son fought far earlier than in Dragon Ball Super.

Ultimately, while we did witness Goku and Gohan spar in their ultimate forms, we didn't receive a concrete answer as to which transformation was the strongest between Ultra Instinct and Gohan Beast. We might not have received a definitive answer, but the sparring match did show that Gohan has come a long way in bridging the gap between himself and his father, as it seems that his ultimate form might just be more powerful than Ultra Instinct. Not only did Gohan take on his dear old dad, but the latest manga chapter also saw the star of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero take on both Ultra Ego Vegeta and Broly.

What if Gohan and Goku Fought During Dragon Ball Z?

Titled "Goku Vs. Gohan!! Beyond The Super Saiyan", the fan animation imagines what might have happened had the members of the Son clan fought against one another during the World Tournament of the Buu Saga. At this point in the shonen franchise, neither Goku nor Gohan had access to their Ultra Instinct and Beast forms, but rather both had access to Super Saiyan 2. While Goku could transform into a Super Saiyan 3, that transformation doesn't get a chance to shine in this fan animation.

The latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter felt like a good ending point for the series, though there remains one major loose thread that needs to be addressed. Frieza returned to the series after some time away during the Granolah The Survivor Arc, discovering a Hyperbolic Time Chamber that warranted the alien despot a new transformation in "Black Frieza". Should the manga return, Frieza is sure to be a problem that will need to be dealt with by the Z-Fighters.

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