New Look For Enchantress Revealed In Suicide Squad Promos

Suicide Squad gathers together some of the universe's preeminent villains and puts them onto one team, and now fans have a chance to get to know each one a bit better.

The studio has been releasing small character profiles for each member of the team, and you can see them all in the compilation clip above. Most of the footage and information is stuff people have seen in the trailers and early press for the film, but there is a considerable amount of new footage involving Cara Delevingne's Enchantress.


The promo features a great deal more of the character than we've seen thus far, even in the first part of the intro. At that point, we see the few shots that have made it into the trailer, which leads into another completely new look that hasn't been released yet. She's sporting some headgear that seems to be more ancient in nature and appears to be in the middle of some sort of massive spell or summoning.

I can't say enough positive things about the direction they've taken the character, and hopefully, we'll see a bit more of her in action at San Diego Comic-Con.

They've also released a closer look at Slipknot, which you can view above. Joker's can be viewed here.

Suicide Squad rolls into theatres on August 5th.