Batman Getting A Brand New Weapon This Wednesday

With a mind for technology, and a seemingly unlimited cash flow, Bruce Wayne has always had a knack for utilizing the newest gadgets.

From the Bat-a-rang to the Batmobile, leave it to Batman to feature the most advanced pieces of crime-fighting technology.

During All Star Batman #3, on shelves this Wednesday, Batman debuts the newest piece of his ever-growing arsenal:

The Bat-Knuckles.

In All-Star Batman, Bruce is charged with escorting Two-Face to a secure location after the villain reveals that he has the secrets of the world at his fingertips. If anyone was to kill Batman, or Harvey, every single person's darkest secrets would be revealed to the public.

These secrets include those of Bruce Wayne's. If he is kept from getting Two-Face to their destination, the entire world will know the true identity of Batman.

This revelation brings multiple villains and assassins after the unlikely pair, and the newest issue is no different. As a new villain arrives on the scene, he takes down Batman and Two-Face with the greatest of ease.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.17.05 PM
(Photo: DC Comics)

Just when it seems that Batman has nothing else left in the tank, he whips out the Bat-Knuckles.

These new gloves send blades, in the shape of bats, out of its knuckles. Think of brass knuckles, mixed with Wolverine's blades, but with the flair of Batman.

Epic, right?

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.17.19 PM
(Photo: DC Comics)

The best part is, not only do these weapons look awesome, but they can tear through a bad guy like there's no tomorrow.

To find out what happens next, and see the full debut of the Bat-Knuckles, pick up All-Star Batman #3 from your local comic shop this Wednesday.

All-Star Batman, a part of DC's Rebirth, is written by Scott Snyder, and illustrated by John Romita Jr.