Batman Has A Very Different Dynamic With His 'Justice League' Team

In a new interview with SFX Magazine, Ben Affleck says the collaboration of the Justice League cast mirrors that of the heroes' attempt to come together and form a team, lending a particular dynamic to the superhero blockbuster.

“It’s interesting, because that’s kind of the theme of the movie," Affleck said. "It’s about the various individuals and how it is that they come to work together, essentially, and collaborate. They don’t all jump in the same boat with the same mission right away. There’s a process through which Bruce Wayne is trying to recruit people and then convince them of the righteousness of the cause, and that it’s important for them to work together. So that very dynamic is really a big part of the first and second acts of the movie. It worked out dramatically.”

As seen in the various trailers, Bruce Wayne easily enlists Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Flash (Ezra Miller), but he has a harder time recruiting Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and especially Aquaman (Jason Momoa). Inspired by Superman's (Henry Cavill's) heroic sacrifice, Bruce goes to great lengths to unite these mismatched heroes against an impending threat, eventually bringing the five together as a unit. How that unit will operate once everyone is in the same boat, so to speak, remains to be seen.

Warner Bros. released the latest trailer this past Sunday, offering fans their newest look at Clark Kent and the action-packed superhero epic. Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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