'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoiler: "Helen Hunt"

legends of tomorrow helen hunt helen of troy
(Photo: The CW)

“Helen Hunt” starts off with a scene set in Hollywood in 1937 — we see behind-the-scenes shots of a movie production. An “extra” is yelled at for not being on set in time and the director stops production, he thinks the extra should be the star of the show. When asked her name, she says she’s Helen of Troy.

On the Waverider, Ray is working on separating Stein and Jax and the experiment they’re going through explodes. When the dust settles, it’s revealed that Jax and Stein have switched bodies. Called to the bridge, the Firestorm duo shares with the group that they’ve switched bodies.

Sara tells the group that there’s been an anachronism in 1937 and the group heads to Hollywood. Nate, Amaya, and Zari are doing recon work when Helen makes a few of the cast members start fighting.

Outside of the studio, Helen gets into a car with Eddie Rotherberg and the duo drives away.

The team attends a ball of Hollywood socialites where Stein starts talking with a young Hedy Lamarr — who has yet to act in a movie when they notice Helen gets to the ball.

Zari uses her powers to make Helen spill her drink on herself so that she has to go clean up. Sara and Zari approach Helen in her dressing room trying to convince her to go with them.

Back outside at the ball, the group runs into Damien Darhk, who has been working as Helen’s agent. Damien’s brought along Kuasa, who begins talking to Amaya.

Damien and Sara leave the group in an attempt to work out a negotiation that would allow Damien to continue living in 1937. While the two are talking, Nate, Mick, and Ray start fighting over Helen, which starts spilling over the other guests.

Damien tells Sara that the group needs to back up and go back to 2017 otherwise he’ll kill them all.

The group rendezvous on the Waverider to discuss their further plans and they decide that Sara, Zari, and Amaya will go try and persuade Helen to join them on the ship so they can get her back in time.

Jax and Stein continue working to reverse the effects of their experimentation.

Sara, Zari, and Amaya get to Helen’s house and knock out her assistant so they have direct access. They try convincing her to join them when executives from the two movies descend on her house and begin shooting at each other. Sara works to get Helen to safe place while Zari and Amaya knock out the gunmen. The group is able to leave the scene with Helen.

The ladies get back to the ship and try getting some information from Gideon when everything goes offline. They make the connection that since Hedy Lamarr was no longer an actress in this time period, the technological advances that helped create Gideon didn’t exist.

Stein, still trapped in Jax’s body, volunteers to help get Hedy an acting job and leaves the Waverider to do so. Visiting Hedy at her call center job, Stein persuades her to talk to a movie executive and on their way out of the building, they run into Damien and Nora Darhk, who stops them both in their tracks.

After finding out Jax and Stein have switched bodies, Damien lets Stein and Hedy go because he begins laughing. Damien and Nora tracks Stein and Hedy down and begins choking Stein when the rest of the Legends show up.

Sara challenges Damien to a duel using swords.

Back on the Waverider, Zari and Amaya have stayed behind with Helen. Zari and Amaya are hanging out in the cargo bay when Kuasa, in her water form, enters the ship and starts attacking the pair.

While Sara’s fighting Damien, Ray, Nate, and Mick try fighting Nora, who is able to control all of their powers and use them against the Legends.

On the Waverider, Kuasa is gaining the upperhand over Zari and Amaya.

Nora overpowers Sara when Hedy Lamarr convinces Jax and Stein to merge into Firestorm to stop Nora from killing Sara. Firestorm’s able to stop Damien and Nora and the two teleport away from the scene.

When Firestorm splits apart, Jax and Stein have returned to their own bodies.

Kuasa and Amaya are still fighting over the totem on the Waverider. Kuasa reveals that she’s Amaya’s granddaughter. Helen appears and stabs Kuasa in the back, who then turns to her water form and leaves the Waverider.

Hedy approaches Stein after talking to a movie exec, she’s gotten her next movie role.

Back on the Waverider, Ray has taken Sara to the medbay where Gideon has placed her in a medically-induced coma to heal over the next few days.

Zari is talking to Helen, who still tries convincing her to not place her back in the accurate time period. Zari finds out that Helen disappearing didn’t affect the timeline so she’s able to take here to a place other than Troy. To keep her safe, Zari drops off Helen on none other the Themyscira.