'Constantine: City of Demons': Who Is Nightmare Nurse?

Constantine: City of Demons debuted on CW Seed this weekend, and it ended up bringing more than one Justice League Dark member into the fray.

Minor spoilers for Constantine: City of Demons below!

The animated miniseries saw John Constantine (Matt Ryan) traveling to help Chas Chandler's daughter after she had mysteriously fallen into a coma. When in search of someone to help take care of the daughter, Constantine summoned Asa -- also known as the Nightmare Nurse.

So, who exactly is the Nightmare Nurse? Here's what you need to know.

The Nightmare Nurse first crossed the pages of DC Comics back in 2013 as part of the Phantom Stranger solo series. In the series -- and its various tie-ins with other titles -- Phantom Stranger is mortally wounded by the Spear of Destiny, leading to Zatanna calling on Asa as a sort of last resort.

At first, Asa is annoyed at the task, especially because it interrupted "a threesome with a dryad and a sylph" (a line so memorable she also says it in her City of Demons debut). She also quickly realizes that she'd had a previous sexual history with Constantine, something that is partially played with in City of Demons as well. Ultimately, Asa and Zatanna are able to save Phantom Stranger after rescuing his soul from the land of Non.

Asa then made several comic appearances throughout the subsequent years, most notably as a member of Justice League Dark. Throughout a lot of her tenure, Nightmare Nurse sort of toes the line between hero and villain, helping the team one moment and possessing Zatanna the next.

As those who have seen the first five chapters of City of Demons know (and if you haven't, please stop reading this and go finish watching it), things are somewhat open-ended when it comes to Nightmare Nurse. While she very clearly is helping Constantine and the Chandlers with their predicament, and sympathizes with them after hearing about the Newcastle incident, there's no telling exactly where things will go next.


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The first five episodes of Constantine: City of Demons are now available on CW Seed.