'Arrow' Episode 717 Title Hints at a Change in Fortune for Queen Family

Oliver Queen has been through a lot over the course of Arrow's seven seasons, including the loss of his family's company and wealth. However, the title for an upcoming episode of The CW series hints that those fortunes may be changing yet again.

On Friday, showrunner Beth Schwartz took to Twitter with a photo of the script for the upcoming 17th episode of Arrow's seventh season, revealing its title to be "Inheritance".

Fans quickly responded to the photo, hopeful that the title means that Oliver and the rest of the Queen family -- which at this point appears to consist of Oliver's son William and his newly-discovered half-sister Emiko -- may be getting their wealth and status back. As fans of the series will recall, the Queen's lost pretty much everything through a series of events. With the backing of Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev ran Queen Consolidated into the ground in the show's second season -- with the Queen's losing their home in the hostile takeover process as it was owned by the company. Oliver attempted to bid for the company back but lost out to Ray Palmer who ultimately rebranded the company as Palmer Technology.

While Oliver has done alright for himself since then -- in theory he still owns significant stock in the company which provides him income -- it's a far cry from the wealth he started out with. Oliver getting his wealth back would likely be a welcome situation for him, but it's worth noting that inheritance doesn't always mean money, and, beyond that, the season has had a unique focus on the idea of legacy. It's entirely possible that the inheritance that the title refers to could have something to do with William in the future as outlined in flash forwards or, equally as likely, it could have something to do with Emiko Queen.

It was recently revealed on Arrow that the mysterious new Green Arrow is none other than Emiko Queen, Oliver's previously unknown half-sister. The product of one of Robert Queen's affairs, Emiko and her mother were abandoned by Robert when she was a child. However, as we've seen several times on Arrow, there's usually a lot more to the story than what is initially presented. Robert Queen may still have a few more secrets to reveal, which is something that Schwartz herself teased in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly when talking about Emiko's role.

"The intention wasn't to replace Thea, or once one sister left to introduce a new sister," Schwartz explained. "We were just excited about this character from the comic books, and we just felt like it was time to bring her into the fold. [The fact that] Queen secrets are still happening from the grave, I thought, was really interesting, and that there was a whole hidden life that Oliver didn't know about."

For now, however, fans have a little bit of time to wait to see exactly what "Inheritance" refers to. The episode isn't set to air for another several weeks, with the series' milestone 150th episode, "Emerald Archer", set to debut on Monday.

Do you think the Queens will be getting the fortune back? Let us know in the comments below.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.



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