Serious Batman Villain to Appear on Ruby Rose's Batwoman

When it comes to seeing superhero adventures on the big screen, movie studios regularly pull out all the stops to deliver audiences adventures that are worthy of a feature film endeavor. Small screen superhero stories, on the other hand, often avoid incorporating major characters, either due to the production costs required to bring them to life or because the character already has plans in a movie. The CW will debut Batwoman this fall and, according to showrunner Caroline Dries, will start with a bang by delivering audiences a major Batman villain to confront the new hero, setting their sights on settling a vendetta.

“In episode three, we have a pretty serious Batman villain show up thinking, ‘I’m going to f—ing kill Batman,’” Dries revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

While other corners of the Arrowverse have the opportunity to debut more fantastical villains, Dries noted that, at least at first, Batwoman will be a more grounded series, following in the footsteps of Arrow.

“Batwoman is the only caped crusader in town. We’ll have bad guys show up wearing their own versions of disguises, but in terms of costumed good guys or bad guys, it’s just Kate in hers,” Dries detailed. “It’s very tempting to jump to what the other shows are doing now because that’s the world we’re living in. But I keep going back to what was Arrow Season One? [We’re aiming for a] back to basics of a girl kind of discovering the awesomeness of this Batsuit, all of this Bat tech that she has access to, and just keeping it simple.”

Audiences unfamiliar with the character might merely think of Kate Kane as a female Batman, but fans of the character know all about her various personality traits and complications that make her such a complex and engaging character, which the showrunner promises will also be an integral part of the series.

“I love all the Bat-gadgets that we do in the fight scenes and the action is right up my alley, but the thing I love about the show or all of these new character dynamics that are unfolding, and one of the things I love writing regardless of genre, is the romantic elements of the show,” Dries confessed. “For Kate, a big part of her identity is her personal life, obviously, and what she’s doing when she’s not Batwoman. One of the things she’s going to figure out pretty early on is, ‘Oh, I now see why there was no Mrs. Wayne.’ It’s because it was very hard to be the hero of Gotham and have a love life. So her personal life will have its due time on screen, and she’s trying to grapple with how do I be Kate and also be Batwoman.”


Batwoman premieres on October 6th.

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