Alex Ross Was An Inspiration For Justice League Costumes

Alex Ross Justice League

There have been many artistic visions for the Justice League since the team first formed, but one of the most iconic versions comes from the renowned painter Alex Ross.

It also helps that his art is associated with one of the most revered DC Comic stories, that being Kingdom Come, which he worked on with Writer Mark Waid, but even outside of that, his bold and humanistic takes on heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have become favorites of fans all over.

It's no wonder then that his art was used as inspiration for the costumes in the upcoming Justice League. Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer on the anticipated superhero team-up, spoke a bit about the vision for the costumes to and other press.

"[I'm] a bit of a comic book fan so I do ... I do absorb a lot of that sort of thing, researching comic books is a big part of my homework when I'm prepping these costumes. Then at a certain point as I said, I tried to turn the boat around, and try to think what's right for Zack, what's the best. I'm always honoring the legacy," Wilkinson said.

When asked if there were any specific eras or artists that he was drawn to, he said, "I was always a fan of Alex Ross. [I] think that... there's something so simple, iconic and beautiful about the way he does it."

He also mentioned another top-tier creator, adding: "Then there's Frank Miller, is a good guy."

If you saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, that last part isn't exactly a surprise.

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