All The 'Justice League' And 'Avengers' Similarities

Justice League and The Avengers were bound to have some similarities, but it turns out that is [...]

Justice League and The Avengers were bound to have some similarities, but it turns out that is quite the understatement.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League and The Avengers, so if you haven't seen Justice League yet you've been warned. If you haven't seen The Avengers yet seriously what are you waiting for go do it now.

Any superhero team-up film is going to have a few things in common, but as ScreenCrush points out, that number is extremely high when it comes to Avengers and Justice League.

For starters the film uses the recent departure of a powerful being to initiate a large-scale invasion, that being Loki and the Chitauri and Steppenwolf and the Parademons respectively. They are also both aided by a powerful cube, which in both cases has been buried on Earth for thousands of years.

There are different meanings behind the cubes of course, but hard to ignore the similarities there.

There's even more when assembling the teams. Hulk and Cyborg are both self-exiled characters that come out of hiding to help, and similar patterns follow between Batman and Wonder Woman's search for heroes that are present in Avengers between Nick Fury and Black Widow.

Speaking of Black Widow, that fantastic opening scene of her kicking ass is the same in theory to the one in Justice League, where Wonder Woman takes down a whole group of armed men. Oh, and speaking of Wonder Woman, she shares that whole fought in a World War thing with Steve Rogers, and that experience makes her a natural leader of the team.

The films even end similarly, setting up future headquarters for the teams and in their villains. Loki and Steppenwolf are formidable on their own, but their defeat teases an even more powerful villain, or as they put it "a space dictator with a craggy face." Yeah, sounds about right.

You can watch the full video above.

It's important to note that Joss Whedon was involved in both projects, but he did not have the same creative control in League that he did in Avengers, so that only counts for so much.

Fans can judge the similarities for themselves, as Justice League is in theaters now.