'Aquaman's Jason Momoa Standing up for Henry Cavill's Superman in Old Comic Con Video Goes Viral

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has a lot of love for Superman actor Henry Cavill and he isn't afraid to show it.

In an old video which has resurfaced online in viral fashion, Momoa literally stands up for Cavill at a Comic Convention where a fan seems to have had some negative comments about the Man of Steel. "How come you didn't like the Superman?" Momoa asks the fan. He then pushes the table and hops up to show off his intimidating physique. "No, no, no, no, no. By all means, speak your mind. You got a problem with my boy?"

Momoa has been known to speak up for what he believes in and this seems to be no exception, though he is probably just having a bit of fun with the fan. Check out the video which resurfaced on Twitter and went viral below!

Momoa worked appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but never shared the set with Cavill on that production. He did team up with the actor in Justice League under the direction of Zack Snyder before ultimately heading out on his standalone journey with Aquaman. To this day, Momoa looks back on his days with Snyder quite fondly.

"They're two different styles completely," Momoa told Comicbook.com in the interview featured in the above video. "I mean, I think that's just going from any director to another director, they're very different. The one thing that they are, are definitely visual, visual artists. I mean, like this picture behind you, I knew about this before we even started filming. Zack is constantly doodling. He knows every frame. Definitely two amazing artists. Zack created this character and James just killed those role, also really great at characters and building. There's a lot of similarities and differences."


As for whether or not Momoa would like to team up with the other DC Comics heroes again, he is fully on board for shared suffering with his co-stars! "Honestly, I'm more of slacker, and I like to have fun so I don't like to have all the weight on my shoulders," Momoa said. "I do enjoy this but it's a lot, a lot, a lot of work! You know what I mean? So, it's fun playing on Justice League because you're in pain with everyone else and that's fun. If Ben's putting on the cowl and he's hot and he's it pain, I'm gonna laugh, and that gives me great joy when he's in pain. But when I'm just in pain, I'm freezing and I'm sitting in a harness and it's just Amber next to me, it's not nearly as fun."

Aquaman is now playing in theaters worldwide.