'Aquaman' Guide Book Offers New Look at Willem Dafoe's Vulko

Arthur’s Guide to Atlantis has revealed a new look at Willem Dafoe as Vulko in Aquaman.Arthur's [...]

Arthur's Guide to Atlantis has revealed a new look at Willem Dafoe as Vulko in Aquaman.

Arthur's Guide to Atlantis is published as an in-universe artifact, a collection of observations and notes from Arthur Curry when he was 13-year-old. Included is an entry about Vulko.

"Look! I managed to snag a picture of Vulko and his spear," Arthur's entry reads. "He would kill me if he knew I took a picture of him...wait, do you think he knows what a picture is? Anyway, he says that I'll get ot use the spear IN OUR TRAINING!"

Take a look below:

Speaking to Total Film magazine, Dafoe commented on Vulko's role in the movie and on the experience of filming such a special effects heavy film.

"He's an advisor to King Orm, and he's also a mentor to Aquaman," Wan says. "You could look at a monitor that was filming in a greenscreen room, with all these elements covered with green fabric and all these reference points, and then you could go to the monitor and see the completed set, but in a rendering that was laid over the live scene. So that was sometimes very helpful. So when you're on this big object that's moving around on the gimbal that's supposed to be a shark - you could actually go to the monitor and see the size of the shark you're on."

You can catch a glimpse of Vulko riding that shark in a new image from the film recently released by director James Wan.

Dafoe's comments about the unique filming conditions on Aquaman echo the strange experience described by star Amber Heard and Jason Momoa during a press visit to the Aquaman set.

"It's so weird! So weird," Heard said. "I mean, sometimes you have to just step back and look at your life and realize that you are a grown-ass woman attached to two wires being fished around by a bunch of men in bright blue micro-onesies. And you just have to accept it and laugh.

"It's scary, but you have to find moments of truth in the absurdity," she says. "And that's part of what's great about working with the actors and working with real pros like Jason and working with Patrick [Wilson], Willem [Dafoe]. It's the small moments of truth that are universal to us as humans that you latch into in these huge, complex, larger-than-life sequences. And you latch on to those small moments of honest, universal truth, basic things we can latch onto."

Momoa added, "I love the fact that we haven't been underwater and what we showed at Comic-Con was just showing that when the $#!+ hits the fan it's going to be like Star Wars underwater. It's cool! I'm a huge f***in' Star Wars fan and I'll never be anything remotely as good as Indiana Jones, but we can sure as f*** try! I mean, I'll never ever, ever beat him, but if we're modeling after that, then, great, I'll do my best. It's something good to strive for."

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Aquaman opens in theaters December 21st.

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