'Aquaman' Early Test Screenings Are Reportedly Positive

It looks like 2018 will be an intense year for comic book fans. This month, Marvel Studios dropped [...]

It looks like 2018 will be an intense year for comic book fans. This month, Marvel Studios dropped its latest release with Black Panther, and the film has gone on to enjoy record-breaking success. Other titles like Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 are also on the way, but Marvel won't have a monopoly on the genre.

No, DC Films is set to debut Aquaman's solo film later this year, and it sounds like early test screenings for the movie are going well.

According to reports, Warner Bros. apparently held an early test screening for Aquaman at its studio lot. Those lucky enough to attend the showing cannot speak about what they saw, but one third-party site can on their behalf. Over on Twitter, Batman News shared reactions from some of the screening's attendees, and the post sounds positive.

"So far two different sources told me they loved #Aquaman! There's tons of action but it's a very emotional movie as well," Batman News relayed.

The commentary gives little specifics about Aquaman, but hype surrounding the film has been growing. Warner Bros. is hoping to hit a run with the movie after Justice League failed to impress, and Jason Momoa's charismatic take on Arthur Curry did earn him plenty of fans last year. With director James Wan on-board, Aquaman has all the rights ingredients for success so long as DC Films and Warner Bros. dish them out deliciously.

Aquaman is just sifting through its post-production these days, and its test screenings will help guide Wan and DC Films on how to wrap the project. No reshoots have been announced for the movie yet, but fans will be keeping their eyes out for such an announcement. After all, Justice League underwent an extensive reshoot, and the entire ordeal prompted all sorts of rumors.

For now, fans will have to rely on word of mouth and third-party praise when it comes to Aquaman. DC Films has kept the movie's debut trailer on the low so far, but many are hoping it will drop soon. So, here's to hoping Wan's team will cut that reel before the summer convention circuit begins.

Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.