'Arrow': The New Green Arrow's Mission Revealed

Tonight's midseason premiere episode of Arrow saw the new Green Arrow properly introduced after [...]

Tonight's midseason premiere episode of Arrow saw the new Green Arrow properly introduced after revealing that she's none other than Emiko Queen, Oliver's secret sister during the midseason finale. Now, in addition to her name, we know her mission as well.

Spoilers for tonight's midseason premiere of Arrow, "My Name Emiko Queen", below.

As the new Green Arrow, Emiko Queen has a lot of similarities to her half-brother. She even has a book with a tidy little list of targets that she's working her way through on her way to the final mark, someone named William Glenmorgan. However, while trying to access files in the server room of a large corporation, she's surprised by some guards and shot. Fortunately, Rene is around to help her out.

Begrudgingly, Emiko eventually opens up to Rene and reveals why she does what she does. It turns out that Emiko didn't have the easiest childhood. Her father -- Robert Queen -- wasn't really around and stopped coming by altogether when she was a child. She and her mother struggled for years but got by until a year ago when a fire engulfed their apartment in the Glades. However, it wasn't the fire that killed Emiko's mother. Someone murdered her mother before the fire, shooting her in the head. Emiko has tracked that someone down to Glenmorgan based off of the type of bullet used.

For Emiko, her mission then is to avenger her mother's murder by taking out her killer. Unfortunately, while she does manage to get to Glenmorgan -- thanks to some support from Rene as Wild Dog and Curtis -- it doesn't end her mission. Glenmorgan reveals that there is no way that he could have killed her mother as he was out of the country on a covert mission. As for why the bullet traced back to him, it appears that someone was attempting to set him up for the crime.

Emiko lets him live but checks out his story and he is telling the truth. This brings Emiko to the sobering realization that her mission has not been completed. Her mother's killer remains out there and she has to, in a sense, start all over to find them and make them pay.

It's a mission that is, in a sense, very similar to Oliver's in the first season. When Oliver first returned to Star City (then Starling City) he came armed with his own list and a mission to save the city and right his father's wrongs. It's that similarity, among others, that showrunner Beth Schwartz recently said is something that they are enjoying on the show.

"She is very similar to Oliver, which is fun and different, obviously, from Thea as well, who had her own sort of thing going," Schwartz said. "But we kind of love making those parallels of her to Oliver.

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