Arrow EP Wendy Mericle Teases New Four-Show Crossover Details

At San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and crew of Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and even several from [...]

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At San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and crew of Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and even several from Legends of Tomorrow all descended upon the convention center. They met with fans, signed countless autographs, and of course, did interviews and panels. While talking with in an interview, executive producer Wendy Mericle teased a little bit of new information about Arrow's crossover with its three younger sibling series.

All four shows will be featured in one epic crossover storyline this season, reminiscent of the Arrow/The Flash crossovers, which first introduced Barry Allen, then pitted The Flash and Arrow against each other, and finally helped launch the next show, Legends of Tomorrow. Of course, timing between shows hasn't always been perfect - when The Flash visited Supergirl in a cross-network crossover this year, for instance, the setup episode of The Flash wound up running after the crossover, making things a bit confusing. With Supergirl's move to The CW, it should make it easier to go chronologically.

"Yes we [have a loose plan] for the crossover. It's loose, but we know that it will go in order for the week, you know, Supergirl [Monday], Flash [Tuesday], Arrow [Wednesday], Legends [Thursday]. That's the loose plan right now," Mericle said. She cautioned that things can always change, but they're doing their best to make it one, big, four-day week-long event, all in order.

Mericle is very excited about what these four shows, and the fact that there are now characters and storylines that they can share across them, really means to their creative process.

"It opens up so many story telling possibilities, you have all sorts of things you can play with now that we didn't have before. If it was still just Arrow, we wouldn't be going back to the basics; we never would've moved away from the basics in a lot of ways! Flash opened doors for Metas, and they can do time travel - we're not doing that though!" she said with a laugh. "It is challenging because it gives you more to balance, more to process, but it's more than outweighed by the fact you have so many more ways to tell stories than you did three or four seasons ago."

As to which character she can't wait to get her hands on?

"I mean, I love Supergirl. How can you not? I love all those guys, but she's the first female superhero appearing in her own [modern] show!" Supergirl's smiling face in the middle of Star City should be great "just for the contrast!" she said with a laugh of her own - assuming she heads there at some point in the crossover, of course.

Arrow returns October 5 on The CW.