Arrow Fans Launch Petition and GoFundMe for Green Arrow Statue in Vancouver

This week brings about the end of an era, as The CW will air the very last episode of Arrow on [...]

This week brings about the end of an era, as The CW will air the very last episode of Arrow on Tuesday night, concluding its eight season run on the network. The series has not only been a hit in its own right, but it redefined what comic book television could look like and launched the monumental connected TV franchise known as the Arrowverse, which currently includes a roster of five shows though more are on the way. Arrow has had a profound impact on a medium and a genre, as well as to the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where it's filmed. The fans in town have grown to absolutely love the Arrowverse productions that call their city home for most of the year, and some of them want to commemorate Arrow's legacy with a permanent piece of art.

The upcoming series finale of Arrow will feature a statue of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, in the middle of Star City. Some folks in Vancouver want the Stephen Amell statue to find a permanent home in their city as well. A fan named Ryan Sullivan started a petition on to have a Green Arrow statue erected in Vancouver's Crab Park following the series finale. In just over two days, nearly 7,500 people have signed it.

Sullivan's petition asks Warner Bros. Television to move the statue that was used in the fictional Star City to a permanent location in Vancouver to honor what the show has meant to the city over the years. Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim took notice of the petition and expressed his great appreciation, but also noted that the statue that was built for the show was only meant for a two day shoot, so it likely wouldn't be able to withstand the Vancouver weather.

In order to get over this hurdle, Sullivan has also started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help pay for a new, more permanent statue to go up in Crab Park.

"I would like to try and raise money to get the city of Vancouver to build and forever immortalize a Iron Statue Replica of the Green Arrow from the show that started the entire birth of The Arrowverse," Sullivan wrote on the campaign page.

Do you think Vancouver should be home to an Arrow statue following the conclusion of the series? Let us know in the comments!