Stephen Amell Describes New Bow For 'Arrow' Season 6

The Green Arrow isn't just getting a new costume when the show returns for Season Six.

Star Stephen Amell revealed during a spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con that his character would have a new bow, which was glimpsed in the trailer for the season premiere. Check it out in the clip above.

"It's a lot like the Season One bow," said Amell, confirming it's a recurve bow. "And not really for any particular reason. I was just like, 'guys, it's time.' I wanted to go a little old school."

Amell teased that his new bow might even have a connection in The CW's DC Comics universe, referencing a certain mechanical engineer from S.T.A.R. Labs

"So my pitch to [the writers] was, 'let's do a recurve and let's pretend that Cisco [Ramon] made it," Amell said.

The actor was likely joking about that last bit, but fans would certainly love yet another connection with The Flash.

Oliver Queen has been using a compound bow regularly for the last few seasons. Compound bows use a system of pulleys — called "cams" — to launch arrows, making them more efficient and improving accuracy.

Recurve bows, however, need more strength to draw, and generally require more skill to effectively use.

Many archers debate which bow is better, though they both have merits for different reasons. It's interesting that Green Arrow is going back to using a recurve bow considering the efficiency of compound bows, but perhaps he's getting bored with protecting Star City and wants to make it a challenge.

There's usually an in-story reason for Oliver changing bows, so maybe we'll learn about the reason why he's using a new one in the season premiere.

Arrow returns to The CW on October 12th.




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