Sebastian Stan Picks The Riddler As The DC Comics Character He Would Play

When it comes to Marvel and DC Comics movies, there's not a lot of actors crossing the aisle from [...]

When it comes to Marvel and DC Comics movies, there's not a lot of actors crossing the aisle from one to the other. But that doesn't mean they can't play a bit of "What If…?"

Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan has become a bit integral to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so while it's unlikely that he'd ever appear in a future Batman movie, he still knows exactly which character he'd like to play.

While speaking at Wizard World St. Louis, Stan was asked which DC Comics character he would want to portray on screen during the fan Q&A.

"My favorite DC character has always been the Riddler," revealed Stan. "And, honestly, I would not know what to do with that character at all. But it's such a crazy, crazy character. Maybe I wouldn't."

When fans suggested the Joker, Stan downplayed the role because so many talented actors have already portrayed the character so well. The Riddler, however, has only had two major iterations in live-action Batman versions. Frank Gorshin (and John Astin) played the character in the beloved TV show from the '60s, and Jim Carrey played Edward Nygma in Batman Forever.

It's interesting that Stan calls the Riddler one of his favorite characters. Riddler is one of Batman's most famous rogues, but has yet to have a major impact on screen unlike Catwoman and the Joker.

Given Stan's range as an actor, there's little doubt that he'd not only do the character justice but knock the role out of the park. Unfortunately, due to his commitments to Marvel Studios, it's unlikely that he'll get the chance to play the character any time soon.

It remains to be seen just when the Riddler will make another live-action appearance. He could appear in something like The Batman from writer and director Matt Reeves, but with the filmmaker attempting to make a noir mystery for the World's Greatest Detective, it might be a bit too cartoony for his sensibilities.

There's a chance the character could appear in any of the Batman-related projects coming out in the future, from Suicide Squad 2 to Nightwing to the Titans TV show.

Marvel fans will get to see Stan reprise his role as Bucky Barnes very soon with Avengers: Infinity War soon to premiere.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on May 4th.