Justice League Mortal Concept Art Reveals Armie Hammer's Batman Suit

Saturday was Batman Day and fans were treated to a look at the Batman that could have been in [...]

Saturday was Batman Day and fans were treated to a look at the Batman that could have been in Justice League Mortal. That was the Justice League movie directed by Mad Max's George Miller that never made it past the pre-production stage. The film had Armie Hammer playing Bruce Wayne. Designer Ryan Unicomb revealed a look at an early concept design for Hammer's Batsuit. "Happy #BatmanDay !!" Unicomb shared on Instagram. "I've cleared the release of this concept image of The Dark Knight from #JusticeLeagueMortal for this special anniversary. The costume was a mixture of Kevlar and chain mail with a kind-of robotic exo-skeleton under his arms, legs and back designed to help Bruce fight crime even when his body was in its most broken state. Reflective paint over the eyes and chest would catch any available light, heightening his intimidating figure in the darkness. Thick padding around the neck would make sure no blows to the neck or throat would incapacitate him during battle. This was a concept that never went passed this initial "discovery stage" during development."

Justice League: Mortal would have launched a new DC Comics superhero movie franchise. The film dates back to 2007, but plans for the film fell through. Concept art for a different version of Hammer's suit from the film surfaced in March.

Hammer has spoken about the costume in the past. "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they built a whole functioning suit that had hydraulics and worked and had microphones all through the suit so I could hear everything happening around me," Hammer said. "100 percent function because we had $300 million to do it, kinda like the budget we had on the movie"

He's also described a fight between Batman and Superman that was to have taken place in the film. "Superman and Wonder Woman have or had the most brutal fight with each other that you have ever seen," Hammer said. "And I mean it would be like when two superheroes actually fight. Like, They destroy multiple cities like by accident 'cause they're just like, they don't even see anything else other than like trying to destroy the other person in front of them and it was incredible. At one point they destroy an aircraft carrier by accident and then also the death count was going to be extremely high."

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