Batman V Superman Original Cut Was Nearly 4 Hours

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was responsible for setting up an entire universe of properties and characters for Warner Bros. and DC, so it made sense that the movie ran a little long. If you call a 2 hour and 45-minute film "a little long" that is.

Based on what Batman V Superman Editor David Brenner shared with Steve Hullfish (of Provideo Coalition) however, the original cut was nearly 4 hours long. In regards to the original script, here is what he said.

"It was a lot to juggle. So the plot lines of a couple characters had to go. These people are currently in the movie but we don't track them, and it's okay. What's kind of fun is that we went back and did an extended cut where we put a lot of this stuff back, and we refined it into the same rhythm as the theatrical release. So what was once a nearly four-hour cut with absolutely everything was ridiculous – ended up being about a three-hour cut, once all these added story lines were refined with the fat was cut out."

"I remember being a little worried. Three and a half hours, okay, that's fine for a movie of this size, the way Zack likes to work. This was more daunting. But we cut down "Man of Steel" from about 3 and half hours, I knew we'd get this done."

I don't care how devoted a fan you are, but a four-hour film for any genre is a stretch, nonetheless in a theatre and not sitting in the comfortableness of my favorite couch. Still, it has me excited for the directors cut, which will probably flesh out many of the holes the final theatrical cut ended up having.


via Provideo Coalition