Batwoman Season 2 Finale Recap: Everything You Missed in "Power"

Batwoman second season has taken fans on a roller coaster thus far — and now, it is all about to [...]

Batwoman second season has taken fans on a roller coaster thus far — and now, it is all about to come to a head. On Sunday night, The CW aired the series' Season 2 finale, and none of the series' characters were quite the same afterwards. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Power." Obviously, spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Batwoman, "Power", below! Only look if you want to know!


Black Mask takes over Gotham's television airwaves, calling on Gotham citizens to don their own Black Masks and dismantle the systems of oppression in Gotham. Circe dons a new updated version of the Batwoman costume. He then cuts the power to all of Gotham City.

In the darkness, Ryan writes a letter to Gotham City about her tenure as Batwoman, and questions whether or not she can still be Batwoman. The Bat Team tries to figure out what to do next, and Luke gives them walkie-talkies. Ryan, Luke, and Sophie eventually figure out where Black Mask might be broadcasting from.

Alice shows up and joins forces with Ryan and Sophie, just as a group of Black Masks attack outside and almost kill the mayor. Ryan gives Sophie her walkie-talkie, and suggests that she and Alice should infiltrate Black Mask's hideout. Ryan and Alice drive to the hideout, and Ryan argues that Alice doesn't deserve her forgiveness. Alice tries to turn the fact that Ryan's mom died in childbirth against her, and Ryan slaps her.

In storage, Luke finds drawings he did as a kid, of what his own version of the Batman costume would look like — with Lucius' calculations added to them. He then finds a fully functioning suit that Lucius built for him.

Black Mask injects Tavaroff with some of Bane's venom, which the Snakebite is expected to counteract the side effects off. While Tavaroff is being injected, Black Mask tells Circe his plan — cause chaos, and then orchestrate having somebody else wear the Black Mask so Roman Sionis can publicly execute him and be crowned the hero of the city. Tavaroff flatlines and is tossed about by Black Mask, and ends up at Mary's hospital, where she notices that he's grown bigger. Mary radios Luke and suggests that they expose Kate to Snakebite to trigger her memories — but she gets sidetracked when Tavaroff wakes up and attacks her. Tavaroff chases Mary up a scaffolding, but Luke – as Batwing — shows up and saves her.

Black Masks loot the city, and even destroy the Batsignal. Ryan and Alice make their way into Sionis' lair, and proceed to fight Circe.

Vesper reads Batwoman's letter on the radio, which ends with Ryan calling on the citizens of Gotham to rise up and be their own heroes. Mary gives Ryan a spray of Snakebite to give Circe to trigger the memories of Kate, but Ryan worries that she can't fight her without the suit. Ryan then notices that a number of Gotham citizens have hung their Black Masks in their windows to create the outline of the Batsignal.

Sionis fight Alice, and argues that she's never going to be a full villain. Alice sprays Sionis with the Joker lapel spray, burning his face with acid.

In the Batmobile, Ryan chases Circe on her motorcycle, culminating in them fighting on a bridge. Alice shows up and sprays Circe with the Snakebite — but in the fight, both of them are sent plunging over a bridge. In a callback to the pilot, both Circe and Alice are stuck floating underwater, and are triggered into remembering various memories. Alice is taken to a vision with Ocean, realizing that she needs to properly say goodbye to him. Ocean tells her to acknowledge her feelings, and to keep chasing them. Circe, meanwhile, is taken to young Kate finding Beth held captive in the bunker, and instead of walking away, she frees her. Alice pulls Circe out of the water and Ryan rushes to help them, using CPR to revive Circe. Circe wakes up — as Kate — and recognizes Alice as Beth. Just then, cops show up and arrest Alice.

The next day, Gotham begins to rebuild, and Vesper tells Batwoman that they don't accept her resignation. Ryan goes to her parole hearing, where she argues that she has changed in the time since her release from prison, because she started embracing her own power and what she's capable of. She is released from her parole.

Kate, Mary, and Luke drink beers and catch up. Kate asks Luke how he got his own Batwing suit, and Luke reveals it was inspired by him drawing what he'd thought a "Black Batman" would look like. Kate talks about her "plans" for the future, and argues that she can't save Alice until she wants to be saved as Beth. Ryan shows up, and Kate and her talk one-on-one. Ryan thanks her for changing her life with the Batwoman symbol, and Kate says that the symbol is Ryan's permanently. Ryan accepts, and promises to take care of Luke and Mary.

Kate meets Sophie at The Hold Up, where she tells her that she's leaving Gotham — to see Jacob, and then Kara in National City, and then to track down what happened to Bruce. Sophie kisses her before she leaves.

The Bat Team rebuilds the Batsuit and the Batcave, and Ryan decides that they should search for the missing Batman trophies, and that they should build the new community center on top of Mary's hospital.

Ryan visits Alice in Arkham (whose cell is next to Sionis), and tells her that her arrest was proof that the system works. Alice then reveals that Ryan's mother is still alive.

The Batman trophies wash up onshore — including Poison Ivy's vines, which begin to creep up on shore.

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