Ben Affleck Recommends 'Justice League' For Netflix And Chill

Having a Netflix and chill session anytime soon? Turns out Ben Affleck's got the perfect [...]

Having a Netflix and chill session anytime soon? Turns out Ben Affleck's got the perfect recommendation for it.

Affleck recently attended the premiere of his newest film Justice League, and when E News asked which one of his movies he would recommend for someone's Netflix and chill, Affleck and a few options to pick from.

"Oh wow, there's a lot I'm really proud of," Affleck said. "Good Will Hunting if you want something old school Chasing Amy or Argo, obviously I like that a lot. Gone Girl was a lot of fun, but Justice League would have to be my first choice right now."

Justice League doesn't really scream Netflix and chill at first glance, but are you really going to tell Batman his pick is bad? Yeah, didn't think so.

Affleck is pretty excited to be giving his Dark Knight some additional layers in Justice League, with a big focus being on Batman's leadership.

"It's his responsibility to get this whole group together and get them to work together," Affleck said. "Initially, some of them are hostile. Some of them are reluctant. That's a quality I really admire. I think it's a powerful thing to get a group to work together, and being a good leader is a little bit like directing people, you know what I mean? You have to pay attention to people, know what they want, know how they're going to produce best. It's an interesting challenge, and it was fun playing it in the movie."

Affleck also revealed that for his son, Samuel, Batman doesn't take the top spot. "My son does love The Flash," Affleck said. "He feels he's very fast, and he likes to demonstrate that. It's a little bit of a mix between Flash and...what was the little kid in The Incredibles' name? He was also very fast," he said. "So, in his mind, that's who he wants to be."

Justice League currently holds a 4.17 on's anticipation ranking.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.