Black Adam Begins Production In Georgia In April

The long-awaited Black Adam movie is about to finally become a reality. Dwayne Johnson signed on [...]

The long-awaited Black Adam movie is about to finally become a reality. Dwayne Johnson signed on for the role of DC's anti-hero best known for starring in comic book stories opposite Shazam! back in 2014. The idea started as Johnson appearing in the Shazam! movie which starred Zachary Levi but evolved into a bigger story which called for its own adventure ahead of their potential big screen crossover. Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia talked with about the many projects in development in Seven Bucks Productions where he serves as President of Production, revealing that Black Adam is gearing up to get underway in a location familiar to the team.

"We're getting started soon, you know actually, we begin filming in April, we'll be in Georgia, home away from home," Garcia says. The Seven Bucks banner has worked in Georgia previously, on titles like Baywatch andthe upcoming Jungle Cruise. "We're really excited man, we have everything is ramped up, we're so fired up for this."

Every time Garcia has sat down with over the past few years, be it for Hobbs & Shaw or Rampage, the Black Adam topic has come up and the enthusiasm is never lacking. "Obviously, you know how passionate we are about this project," Garcia says. "This is very special to us, and you know, not only Black Adam, but JSA, and all these characters we're introducing to the world and, what we want to do with it, we're just... Look, we were supposed to have been filming last year. COVID, like it delayed everyone, it kinda got in the way, but we're happy we're able to pause, regroup, and now we're going to be getting going, and by April we'll be shooting and on track to bring this thing home."

During the Zoom conversation, Garcia was seated before his statues of Superman and Darkseid. "You know how much I love this project and from conceptualizing to you know, figuring out what our statues are going to be so I can have them behind me, to all the fun stuff that comes to the universe we're making," Garcia says. "We have such high ambitions and such high hopes for this and we just really can't wait to make the fans proud."

Garcia can't share too much about the film just yet but his excitement over seeing Johnson in the costume is enough to get any fan fired up. "In just a fitting is awesome," he says. The team has looked a Johnson putting on the suit via Zoom, getting their first looks and subsequently wishing they could high five each other.

"The guy's a walking superhero right, and if there was ever anyone born to play a character, it's him," Garcia says. "We've been developing Black Adam who knows how many... I feel like it's been close to like a decade at this point we've been talking about this and on it and you see him in that and you're like, 'That's him, that's why we've been waiting, that's why we've been working so hard to make this happen.' This guy is Black Adam and he is going to change the DC Universe buddy. He's gonna change that thing."

Black Adam does not currently have a release date. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Aldis Hodgee, Marwin Kenzari, and Quintessa Swindell under the direction of Jaume Collet-Serra.

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