Black Lightning's Nafessa Williams Wants a Crossover With Supergirl

Black Lightning may air on The CW, but much to the dismay of fans of the network's DC [...]

Black Lightning may air on The CW, but much to the dismay of fans of the network's DC Comics-related programming, the series is not part of the Arrowverse meaning that the likelihood that Freeland's heroes will ever cross paths with Green Arrow, The Flash, and the others is pretty slim. But just because the shows don't exist in the same universe doesn't mean fans can't dream and that includes stars of Black Lightning as well. Nafessa Williams, who plays Anissa Pierce/Thunder, knows exactly what Arrowverse crossover she'd like to see -- one with Supergirl.

In a recent interview with The Advocate, Williams was asked what Arrowverse show she would like to crossover with and Williams had an answer that many fans will probably agree with, declaring Supergirl to be her choice with a sweet female empowerment storyline to boot.

"I already fight with Black Lightning, so I already know what it's like to fight with a male superhero," Williams said. "So, I think it would be really great to have a crossover with Supergirl with a female empowerment storyline. I definitely want to team up with another female superhero for sure."

Williams' point about already knowing what it's like to fight with a male superhero is an interesting one as it does speak to a bit of the larger landscape of heroes on The CW. When it comes to the heroic breakdown across the Arrowverse in particular, there aren't a lot of opportunities to see female superhero team ups. Sure, DC's Legends of Tomorrow has several female heroes, but that team often uses more novel means to accomplish their goals than outright kicking bad guy butt which is itself a joy to watch. More broadly, it's usually male hero team ups or male/female hero team ups. Getting to see two female heroes come together for a fight sequence would make for a very cool crossover indeed -- especially with Thunder's bulletproof and durability powers being similar enough to Supergirl's that the bad guys wouldn't know what they were up against.

Interestingly, Williams isn't the only The CW superhero actor who would like a crossover with Supergirl. Last year, Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards told BUILD Series that of all of the Arrowverse shows for Felicity to appear on, Supergirl would be her pick.

"I think, yeah, I think that that is definitely a possibility I don't see why it wouldn't be," Rickards said. "We've sort of broken all the rules that sort of make it not a possibility, so I feel like we should do that, and I think that it would be my preferred show to cross over in general because it's Supergirl."

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