'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: "Angelitos Negros"

'Angelitos Negros' begins with Khalil and Jennifer arriving at his makeshift apartment. Jefferson [...]

(Photo: Black Lightning)

"Angelitos Negros" begins with Khalil and Jennifer arriving at his makeshift apartment. Jefferson calls Lynn and tells her to go to bed, but she refuses — she mentions that the two could be hiding out at Khalil's.

Jefferson warns his wife to stop pursuing leads without any backup. He and Gambi go to check it out.

While waiting for their ramen to cook, Khalil gifts Jennifer a necklace and the two begin getting intimate. It's apparent that Jennifer is still nervous that she'll shock Khalil — she begins to cry and tells him she doesn't want to her lose her virginity in a renovated train car. Khalil comforts her and makes sure to mention that he'll wait.

Gambi narrows the search area down to an approximate two-mile radius. The group decides to split up to begin searching abandoned buildings in the area.

Tobias is sitting down to eat with Todd and Cutter calls, telling her boss that she lost track of Khalil.

While searching warehouses, Jefferson stumbles across two people beating up an apparent homeless man while videotaping it. Jefferson steps in the rescue the man. He uses a hologram of Khalil and Gambi to ask the homeless guy if he's seen them, to no avail.

Lynn arrives at the area where Khalil's modified rail car is. She starts calling out Jennifer's name and the two shut the power off trying to hide. Lynn gives a passionate talk about how their family isn't a family without her but Jennifer refuses to step out. Jennifer and Khalil begin arguing whether or not to go back home with Jennifer saying that running doesn't solve any of their problems. Khalil's argument is that if they go back, Tobias will end up finding him.

After thinking about it, Khalil admits he's sorry for involving Jennifer in the situation and tells her it's time for her to go home. Later that night, the group arrives home to find Jennifer returned with Khalil.

Cutter returns to Tobias' place to obtain the list of Khalil's three most-visited places. Tobias informs her that she needs to find him otherwise they'll risk Khalil turning Tobias in for his crimes.

She soon finds Khalil's rail car, which has now been abandoned.

At the Pierce household, Khalil apologizes for getting Jennifer involved in the situation. Lynn accepts his apology and reminds her daughter that she's in danger if she keeps hanging around Khalil. After Jefferson begins to speak up, Khalil reveals that he knows Jefferson is Black Lightning.

Jefferson tells the group that he thinks Khalil needs to turn himself into the authorities. Khalil agrees with the situation, saying he'll probably be more safe in police custody than he would be on the run. Jefferson calls Inspector Henderson to chat about potential options with Khalil and Henderson makes sure to mention that Khalil would have to turn state's witness if any agency were to give him protective rights.

Khalil and Jennifer talk about their situation and Khalil reminds her that the only way to keep him safe is to turn him in. He promises to get back out so they can continue their relationship.

Jefferson takes Khalil to the docks to meet with his mother before he's handed over to police custody. The two hug and before long, Khalil's put into the back of a SWAT truck with a police escort. On the way to the precinct, the caravan comes across an overturned car.

We see that Cutter is laying on the pavement beside the care, hinting she's staged the accident. One of the SWAT members gets out of the truck to check on her and she slices his throat.

Most of the SWAT and police officers exit their cars and a standoff ensues. Henderson calls Jefferson to inform them something went wrong with the transport. Once Henderson arrives to the scene, he finds most everyone has been killed and Khalil's been taken.

Lynn gets the call and informs Jennifer that Khalil's been taken from the caravan and she instantly breaks down sobbing.

Cutter takes Khalil to Tobias. There, Khalil attempts to convince Tobias that Jennifer never had anything to do with their running away. There, Tobias rips out Khalil's spinal implant. He orders Cutter to dispose of Khalil and she leaves him in front Reverend Holt's church. Holt and his congregation comes across an immobile Khalil and they start praying for him.

Todd reveals he's broken the code in the briefcase they've been trying to crack. He calls Tobias down and they uncover the fact that the ASA was trying to develop super metas under Project Masters of Disaster.