Composer Hans Zimmer Might Not Be Done With Superhero Movies

Following his work on Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer claimed to be done lending his musical talents to [...]

Following his work on Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer claimed to be done lending his musical talents to super hero movies. He is credited on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but it was Junkie XL who built the pulse pounding score for Zack Snyder's latest effort in the DC Films world. Zimmer's sounds from Man of Steel were the starting point for Batman v Superman.

However, in a recent interview with The West Australian, Zimmer changed his tune. The composer who scored Man of Steel, the Dark Knight trilogy, The Lion King and Inception might come back if the timing is right.

"It's true," Zimmer said of his retirement from super hero films, before adding, "until somebody comes along with a great idea."

The reason Zimmer stepped away for the time being was to avoid tackling two versions of Batman in such a short amount of time. The artist was still fresh off of imagining a sound for Christian Bale's Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice came around.

"How many people have to go write two Batman themes in their lifetime?" Zimme said. "I needed a break from it. And I needed to categorically say 'I need a break'."

The next film on Zimmer's plate is Rings, as he gives horror films another go when it hits theaters in a few short weeks. According to his IMDb profile, Zimmer's resume extends to the recent Netflix series The Crown and over 100 more productions. He has won a single Oscar for Best Score with 1994's The Lion King. In total, Zimmer has been nominated for nine total Academy Awards.

Some of his best known work in recent years extends to Intserstellar and the Divergent series.

Rings hits theaters February 3, 2017.

Correction: Hans Zimmer is credited as executive music producer on Terminator: Genisys, not composer as originally implied. Lorne Balfe scored the film.