Crisis on Infinite Earths Edit Perfectly Unites Three Eras of Superman

In the wake of The CW's five-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event, the DC multiverse on The CW has been completely rewritten. Earths 1, 38, and [whatever Black Lightning is on] have been merged into Earth Prime, and while the heroes of that world don't know it, the multiverse has been restored, and most of its worlds revived. One of them? Earth-96, inhabited by the Superman played by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns and then, years later, in the first half of the Crisis. The final shot of Routh's Superman was pretty clealry inspired by the final shot from Superman Returns, which was in turn inspired by the final shot of Superman from Superman: The Movie.

And so, as you might expect, somebody jumped on the opportunity to bring the three all into the same space. Layered one on top of another on top of another, the three short videos each depict Superman flying around the Earth in space.

You can see the image below -- which has already earned the praise of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

This was an important moment, because it established the fact that Routh's Superman had actually survived the middle chapter of the story, where he traveled with the other Paragons to Vanishing Point and was apparently killed by a duplicitous move by Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer). It was also a nice bookend since Superman: The Movie was the start of the modern era of DC movies and TV.


The Crisis brought together heroes from various eras of DC's TV and film adaptations, including Brandon Routh's Superman (originally seen in Superman Returns), Burt Ward's Dick Grayson (originally seen in the 1966 Batman series), Tom Welling's Clark Kent (originally seen in Smallville), Tom Ellis's Lucifer Morningstar (currently appearing in Lucifer), and Ezra Miller's version of The Flash, who first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has his own solo movie coming up from the director of IT.

Fans can get caught up by watching all five parts of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover on The CW's website or app now, or buying them through video on demand platforms. The post-"Crisis" Arrowverse began this weekend with new episodes of Batwoman and Supergirl before launching into new Arrow and Black Lightning today and tomorrow.