Darkseid Is Back To Full Power And Murdered SPOILER

Darkseid is back, but you'll be surprised at who he trampled to make his return.Spoilers incoming [...]

Darkseid is back, but you'll be surprised at who he trampled to make his return.

Spoilers incoming for Wonder Woman #37, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

If you've been keeping up with Wonder Woman you know that Darkseid has grown from his baby like proportions to a much stronger state. He did this by collecting energy from the children of Zeus (with the help of his daughter Grail), and his efforts to take down Diana finally drew out the iconic Greek God himself.

The showdown was as epic as you'd expect, but managed to have a shocking finale. A less powerful Darkseid is still incredibly powerful, but Zeus doesn't seem to think the battle will take that long, telling Diana that they will talk after he takes care of the would-be conqueror. The two strike powerful blows, with Zeus having the upper hand early, but the God starts to tire after several more powerful exchanges, and Darkseid reveals why that's happening.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Darkseid tells Zeus his plan all along was to draw him out. The children of Zeus were merely ways to do so, as their power was not sufficient to properly restore Darkseid to his previous form. He tells him "Do you think I didn't plan this fight from the start. Each moment, every blow, my seemingly weaker self, and all this time, I've been taking from you, leeching from you, your strength, your power, so I might truly be Darkseid again!"

(Photo: DC Comics)

As Zeus calls out to Diana, Darkseid draws the last bit of energy from the once powerful Zeus, restoring Darkseid to his true and most powerful form. A depleted Zeus lays at his feet, and though Diana holds out hope he is not dead, Darkseid confirms it with an "Oh, Zeus is definitely wherever it is dead old Gods go."

As Diana charges Darkseid goads her but stops when the Justice League shows up. He then leaves with Grail, who before referenced a bigger plan in motion, but it isn't known what that plan is.

It seems Darkseid is back, and now he is on his way to take back his place as ruler of Apokolips. You can find the spoiler images above.

Wonder Woman #37 is written by James Robinson with pencils by Carlo Pagulayan and inks by Jason Paz and is available in comic shops now.