David Ramsey is Very Excited for Diggle's New Helmet in Arrow Season 5

'Thank the Lord,' David Ramsey said immediately after mention of his new helmet for Arrow season [...]

"Thank the Lord," David Ramsey said immediately after mention of his new helmet for Arrow season five. The actor, who plays original "Team Arrow" member John Diggle, will get a costume upgrade this season when he returns to his vigilante ways, even though he starts the season back in the military.

"It wasn't bad, it actually grew on me," he said of the original costume piece during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. "When I first saw it, I thought it was awesome, then I started working with it and went, 'aw, no.' Then I went through a hate relationship with it, then I started really liking it! By the time I got back to liking it again, they said, 'it's gonna change.'"

He's happy with the look and feel of the next version, though.

"I've seen the new helmet, tried it on. I think it is better. It's going to be a Cisco creation, from The Flash," Ramsey noted.

The timeline change at The Flash, he hinted, could have some ramifications for Arrow and the rest of the CW DC Universe, as well.

For his character, he hopes that his time away from the team will help him "release" some of the guilt over choices he made in season four. During the season, he killed his brother, saw Black Canary die, and generally grew farther apart from Oliver and his team. Regardless, he keeps putting his life on the line because "he's compelled to help" and "wouldn't feel complete" otherwise.

"What's great about Diggle - unlike the other members of the team who are truly exceptional - Oliver is one of the greatest fighters in the world, Felicity has the brains like none other along with Echo's character; Diggle is like everybody else. He grew up in the hood, decided to join the Army, became Special Forces, and wanted to help," Ramsey explained. "He's always been that guy. So why does he do it? He can't imagine being anyone else. He wants his daughter to grow up in a world that doesn't have these elements in them."

He described the season five premiere episode as "incredible" and promised they "hit the ground running" into the new season.

Arrow returns to The CW Wednesday October 5, 2016 for its season five premiere.