DC Relaunches Batman Incorporated

The Batman spinoff series Batman Incorporated is making a comeback as a new ongoing series this fall. Batman Incorporated, also known as Batman Inc., was a global crimefighting task force created by Bruce Wayne/Batman after his return from the dead in 2008's Final Crisis event. The group's membership includes vigilantes from across the globe, including Knight, Squire, Jiro Osamu, and more. CBR announced the new Batman Inc. creative team consists of writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms, with the first issue launching in October. The ongoing series launches out of the fallout from the Batman/Robin/Deathstroke crossover event "Shadow War," which concludes with this week's Shadow War Omega #1.

Batman Incorporated recently made a comeback in Batman #118 by Joshua Williamson, Jorge Molina, Mikel Janín, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles. The issue revealed Superman villain Lex Luthor bought the rights to Batman Inc. after Bruce Wayne lost his fortune during the "Joker War." Membership for Lex Luthor's Batman Inc. included El Gaucho, Man-of-Bats, and Bat-Man of China, with the team using more extreme methods than a typically-run Batman team normally would use. 

Also out today is Batman 2022 Annual #1 from Brisson and Timms, and also has the distinction of leading directly into their new Batman Inc. series. "I'm very excited to get the annual out there and to be working on Batman Incorporated. John and I have some pretty massive plans for the series," Ed Brisson wrote in his East Coast Dispatches newsletter. "Plenty of familiar faces, and a slew of new friends and threats. Juggling such a massive cast has been a real challenge, but a welcome one. If you have a favourite Batman Inc. member and don't see them getting as much screentime as you'd like, don't fret, everyone's going to have their moment."

Batman 2022 Annual #1 sees the Dark Knight task Ghost-Maker with running Batman Inc. after he took back control of it from Lex Luthor. The description for the issue reads: "Following the events of the Abyss story arc, Batman has now tasked Ghost-Maker to finance and lead Batman Inc.! First order of business for the new management? Clean up a huge mess Luthor created in Chechnya...but is this new group ready to face fearsome new threat the Gray Wolf? And prepare yourself for the evolution of Clownhunter!"

Batman Incorporated #1 debuts in October from DC.