Watch the Opening Title Sequence For DC's Invasion TV Crossover

The CW's DC TV series (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow ) are currently in [...]

The CW's DC TV series (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow ) are currently in the middle of their big "Invasion!" crossover event, which sees the alien race known as The Dominators invading Earth. With characters from all four DC TV series sharing the screen together, there naturally needs to be a different sort of opening title sequence - one that merges the separate series into one.

You can watch the "Invasion!" opening title sequence above. Any fans of these CW DC TV shows knows that the introductory scenes of the show lead into a rapid title sequence reveal, which then zaps us right back to the show. For Supergirl, we get a flash of her logo that feels like homage to the classic Richard Donner films; The Flash uses a super-speed/lightning effect on its logo; Arrow has that simple image of an arrowhead and the title fading into black; and Legends gets fancy by throwing different hero logos together to form its title.

This mashup version of the opening title sequence clearly had to cut some corners in terms of representing each individual show. That said, it's still kind of lame on the visual effects front, with the Legends icon (an "L" in some bad font) looking particularly amateur.

Aesthetic complaints aside, it's easy to nitpick this opening sequence when watching it over and over ad nauseam; however, within the shows themselves it is such a quick moment that few fans probably fully notice it, let alone examine it with a critical eye. And, so far, The CW and Warner Bros. have invested so much in the visual effects to bring so many heroes and aliens to convincing life that they can probably be excused for not dumping more into the font and CGI of the opening title sequence.

DC TV Shows Invasion Crossover Opening title sequence

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Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT; The Flash on Tuesdays at the same time; Arrow on Wednesdays and DC's Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays. All four series air on The CW. The "Invasion!" crossover will air beginning November 28.