It's the End of the World in New 'Doom Patrol' Promo

The would-be heroes of Doom Patrol thought they had their hands full with trying to solve find the [...]

The would-be heroes of Doom Patrol thought they had their hands full with trying to solve find the still-missing The Chief, but things have gone from bad to worse and from the looks of things in the promo for next week's "Paw Patrol", they're about to get downright apocalyptic.

With the Doom Patrol getting sent on something of a side quest by the mysterious chaos magician Willoughby Kipling (played by Supernatural's Mark Sheppard) to prevent the actual end of the world, as you might expect things don't go quite as planned leading to a situation where the end is not near, it's here -- and it's up to the gang to bumble their way to a solution before existence itself is unmade. You can check out the teaser in the video above.

There are a couple of things worth noting in the promo. For starters, Jane (Diane Guerrero) appears to be in some sort of mental hospital as she encourages her fellow patients that they can change and save the world, but she doesn't quite look like the Jane -- or any of her personalities -- that viewers have come to know. Instead, her eyes have taken on a white cast and she is now sporting a white streak in her hair. It's possible that this is another of Jane's personalities coming out to play -- possibly one that is now aligned with the Cult of the Unwritten Book to help move along with the destruction of the world.

As was revealed in this week's "Cult Patrol", the Cult of the Unwritten Book is a death cult that seeks to "save" the world by undoing it. Once the Unwritten Book -- which is a child who has words written all over his body -- is read, the Decreator is awakened to undo reality. While the book was read and the Decreator awakened in "Cult Patrol", it's not clear yet what else has to happen to facilitate the end. As Jane and Robotman (Brendan Fraser) both ended up in the ghost city of Nurnheim, a.k.a. headquarters in a sense for the Cult, Jane somehow ending up working with the cult wouldn't be a huge surprise.

However, it's equally possible that this is just a new personality of Jane's we haven't yet seen. Jane's personalities played a significant role in "Cult Patrol". Hammerhead was dominant initially, deepening a rift between Jane and Robotman. However, when the pair went to Barcelona to try to stop the Cult before things got too deep, it was the bad reaction of one of Jane's personalities in a church that led to the pair being sucked into Nurnheim in the first place. That personality was likely Miranda, the alter in comics who was the dominate personality before she was sexually assaulted in a church. In comics, the Miranda personality completely melts down with her "place" filled instead with some indescribably horror. As Penny Farthing told Robotman that Hammerhead had "been relieved" it's not a stretch to consider that other personalities may be coming out to play -- especially after the taunting Jane and Robotman faced inside Nurnheim.

Those personalities are something that Guerrero has previously said helps the show to address difficult issues, namely mental health.

"But I think that we're looking to sort of like enter a world like this that makes us think a little bit," she continued. "I love the characters because everyone is sort of grappling with a deep rooted issue that has nothing to do with one another and has nothing to do with their present status, it has to do with something they haven't dealt with that has occurred to them in their past and I like dissecting the human brain, I think that's the most challenging and I think that mental health is something we don't talk enough about anywhere around the world, and in this country and I think that the show is just a big therapy session for all the characters and so the mind is beautiful, the mind is scary, I love that we get to dissect it on the show."

Doom Patrol airs on DC Universe with new episodes dropping every Friday. "Paw Patrol" will debut on March 15th.


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