Doom Patrol: Michelle Gomez Teases Madame Rouge's Journey

The third season of Doom Patrol debuts Thursday, September 23rd on HBO Max and will see not only the aftermath of the team's confrontation with Candlemaker from Season 2 but the introduction of Madame Rouge. Played by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Michelle Gomez, the character is described as arriving in a time machine "with a very specific mission, if only she could remember it". It's a description that certainly sets things up for a good bit of mystery and potentially some big adventures, but according to Gomez, Madame Rouge is much like the DC series' other characters in the sense that she's on her own journey through discovery.

Speaking with Den of Geek, Gomez explained that like the rest of the characters on Doom Patrol, Madame Rouge will find out things about herself that she'll have to learn how to navigate and decide if she can live with and move forward from as the season progresses.

"I think she's like the other characters in that she has a journey through discovery," Gomez said. "She's finding out things about herself that may or may not be things she can live with. I can't really say more than that, but it's similar to the other regulars in the show, and where they're having to live with themselves. And how do you do that, when some of it is pretty dark and at times unacceptable? And how do you decide to move forward? And so that's in there for her, too. And it's a pretty crazy ride that she goes on, not just for herself but with the others as well."

Showrunner Jeremy Carver previously told Entertainment Weekly about how that journey is at the heart of Madame Rouge's character arc in Season 3.

"When I was talking to her about the part, I was trying to explain to her that in our eyes the Madame Rouge of Doom Patrol is much like the other characters in that you can't quite pin them as good or bad," Carver said. "They've all done things they're ashamed of, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad people. This wrestling with 'Am I good or bad?' is really at the heart of Michelle's character arc this season, and she wrings more out of a line in terms of finding comedy or pathos than just about anybody. I think what she brings to the show is just thrilling."

Doom Patrol stars Brendan Fraser as Robotman, aka Cliff Steele; Matt Bomer as Negative Man, aka Larry Trainor; April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, aka Rita Farr; Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, aka Victor Stone; Abi Monterey as Dorothy; and Timothy Dalton as The Chief, aka Niles Caulder.

You can check out the synopsis for Doom Patrol Season 3 below.

"Season three opens on the culmination of Dorothy's (Abi Monterey) confrontation with the Candlemaker that leads to a devastating loss. The Doom Patrol is at a difficult crossroads and each member struggles to face who they are and who they want to be. And things get a whole lot more complicated when Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez) arrives in a time machine with a very specific mission, if only she could remember it."

Doom Patrol Season 3 premieres on September 23rd on HBO Max. The first two seasons are currently available to stream.