Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: It's the End of the World as They Know It In "Ezekiel Patrol"

Last week on Doom Patrol, Mr. Nobody forced the Chief to reveal the horrible truth about his [...]

doom patrol cliff and chief
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Last week on Doom Patrol, Mr. Nobody forced the Chief to reveal the horrible truth about his involvement in how the titular team of heroes got their powers. It was an act that for the villain gave him his much-sought revenge, but also left the team forced to confront the reality of the man they considered a father figure -- something that may have major ramifications for the world.

Read on for our full-spoiler recap of Doom Patrol's season finale, "Ezekiel Patrol", below.

The episode wastes no time getting back to where things left off. The team confronts Nigel as to why he did what he did to them and he admits that he needed them because he wants what they have: immortality. Jane moves to attack; Mr. Nobody freezes them all and removes them from the white space to confront Nigel himself. He wanted to make Nigel a nobody -- just like he was made to be.

1961, back at the Ant Farm. Niles is working there and speaking with Joshua to plan the accident that changed Larry. They also discuss Rita, as they appear to be collecting these types of subjects. In the present, well six months after the White Space, Larry and Rita appear to be living together elsewhere with Rita teaching drama. Larry is working with the Negative Spirit to try to learn to live independently.

1976, in the Doom Manor at a New Year's Eve celebration Larry, Rita and Niles are having a good time when Forsythe shows up. They've found another test subject for him, though it took a decade for them to find her -- Jane. In the present, she goes to speak with Joshua at the weird retirement home the original Doom Patrol is at. She's not handling things well so he offers her a drug that will "quiet" things for her. She steals the vial and shoots up. In the underground everyone quiets, even Kay.

1988. Niles has Cliff's brain and some second thoughts. In the present, Cliff is seen alone bringing food back to the bus where Jane is living, quietly keeping watch. Now, it's time for Vic. 2014. Niles is at STAR Labs when Vic's mother dies and Silas turns his son into Cyborg. Niles suggests that Silas uses compassion with Vic, but Silas calls him out for his monstrous deeds. In the present, Vic has nightmares about killing his friends. Basically, everyone's life sucks now and Mr. Nobody is very, very happy until he reads a "review" of the show that criticizes the ending. Enter Ezekiel the Cockroach who is eager to work with him to bring about the end of the world. Admiral Whiskers is along for this ride as well.

One by one the heroes all start hearing Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" and follow it to Doom Manor where Niles is staring at a painting of Danny the Street. Mr. Nobody has kidnapped Danny and Niles can't save him alone. He then reveals he has a daughter who is dangerous and the reason he created the Doom Patrol. They all go into the painting for a rescue mission. Ezekiel is now giant sized on Danny. Beard Hunter admits he sold out Niles' daughter to Mr. Nobody, who is also now in trouble since Ezekiel turned on him, too. The team springs into action. Rita convinces Mr. Nobody to start narrating again. Oh, Cliff gets eaten by Admiral Whiskers and Cyborg by Ezekiel. Turns out, being eaten by Ezekiel is the plan. Cliff makes it in as well thanks to a truly weird sequence and with everyone safe, Larry uses his radioactivity to get everyone out of the painting -- trapping Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter in a White Space painting themselves.

And, in the last moments of the episode with everyone safe at Doom Manor including Danny (now a brick), Niles introduces the team to his daughter: Dorothy Spinner.

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