'Arrow' and 'Legends of Tomorrow' Score Season-High Ratings During "Elseworlds" Week

The Arrowverse's reality has certainly gotten very topsy-turvy this week, and it sounds like that [...]

The Arrowverse's reality has certainly gotten very topsy-turvy this week, and it sounds like that spelled good things in terms of ratings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arrow scored season-high ratings on Monday night, as it aired the second portion of the network's "Elseworlds" crossover. That middle episode of the event pulled 2.04 million viewers, and an 0.7 rating among adults 18-49, which are much higher than the long-running show's usual ratings (with an average of 1.22 million viewers and a 0.4 in the demo). This marks the best performance Arrow has had since last year's "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover event.

To an extent, it's easy to see why these ratings proved to be so positive, even as they're higher than The Flash's "Elseworlds" ratings the night before. The second chapter of the event saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) finally traveling to the Arrowverse's Gotham City, in search of answers related to Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies). In the process, they crossed paths with Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose), who was making her long-awaited live-action debut.

"I get to be Batwoman," Rose said when she was first cast in the role. "I feel like the reason I kept getting so emotional was because growing up watching TV I never saw someone on TV that I could identify with, let alone a superhero. I've always had this saying, well not me, Oscar Wilde, which is 'be yourself because everyone else is taken' and so I always lived by that motto and the second motto when I came into the industry was 'be the person that you needed when you were younger' and I feel like one motto sort of led me to the other and I just kept crying about it."

The fourth Arrowverse show, Legends of Tomorrow, also saw season-high ratings on Monday night, scoring 1.11 million viewers and a 0.4 rating. While Legends wasn't officially involved with the crossover (something the show acknowledged in a hilarious way), the episode gave fans a lot to enjoy, including puppets, cats, and a slew of other alternate realities.

"We have a fun episode with puppets in a few episodes, which are really fun," Legends star Brandon Routh teased to reporters during a recent set visit. "I have a lot of interaction with the puppets -- different puppets, we have many different puppets on the show -- and then also, we have a fun alternate reality episode, which will be the one that's the finale before the midseason break....Not mystical creatures, necessarily, but some of the creatures from the past come back and make an appearance in that episode and we get to be crazy in different versions of ourselves, which is always fun."

"Episode 8 is a lot of fun." series star Caity Lotz told reporters. "I wish you guys could just see it now. You see a different version of everyone, like a different version of the Legends for a couple different versions, and it's really wild, and seeing a puppet me was pretty cool."

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Arrow will return with new episodes on January 21, 2019. Legends of Tomorrow will return with new episodes in April of 2019.