The Flash Lightsaber Battle Gets Duel Of The Fates Added By Star Wars Fan

The Flash season 7 finale gave fans one heck of a climatic fight, and the footage is now going [...]

The Flash season 7 finale gave fans one heck of a climatic fight, and the footage is now going viral on social media. That's because one fan took the final battle of The Flash season 7 and dubbed over it with Star Wars "Duel of the Fates", the epic and iconic John Williams piece from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It isn't just a cool mashup - it's a very fitting one, since The Flash finale battle took a very Star Wars turn, with three characters battling it out with what looks like lightsabers (actually lightning bolts) in their hands. If you haven't season The Flash season 7 finale, here's a clip (spoilers):

Season 7 of The Flash saw the threat of August Hearts/Godspeed rise over Central City. Hearts used artificial speed enhancements and clones of himself to terrorize the future and the past with the "Godspeed War" - culminating with Heart absorbing all of his clones (and some of Barry's organic speed) to become the ultimate Godspeed.

One big surprise in The Flash season 7 finale comes in the final battle as Barry Allen is about to be killed by Godspeed - only to be saved by the surprise arrival of his nemesis, Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash. Flash, Reverse-Flash, and Godspeed then threw down in a duel using lightning swords - hence the cheeky Star Wars comparison.

Now seven seasons in, the cast and crew of The Flash are just having fun, at this point. A Star Wars-style duel isn't something that was lost on the crew as they filmed the scene, but it's no surprise either, as the show has been filled with Easter eggs and references to other popular geek franchises since the very beginning. As the show crosses over into being a veteran series, the producers of The Flash are only going bigger, better, and geekier with these types of concepts and references.

To that point: The Flash star John Wesley Shipp recently spoke about just how big the show makers went with this season 7 finale:

"I think that's one thing that Eric Wallace and our producers and Greg Berlanti are really tapping into, is the legacy. I just read on Instagram, I think we're going to have one scene with eight speedsters. That's not counting the Godspeeds. We're going to have some kick-butt in this finale, which I think the audience has been waiting for for some time, you know?"

The Flash airs on The CW.