Former Constantine Showrunner Says No Current Plans To Bring Back Show

constantine cw

Fans were disappointed, to say the least when NBC decided to cancel Constantine after just one season, but recently there was a renewed light at the end of the tunnel.

Much to fans delight, the entire season of Constantine was made available on CW Seed, a free streaming platform that runs alongside The CW. For those who missed out on experiencing the show, this is a great chance to watch some entertaining television, and many had believed that this was a test run for The CW to pick up the show somewhere down the line.

This would have been great news to show creator Daniel Cerone, and with the rumor picking up some steam, he decided to do some digging. He posted his findings on Twitter.

"I see there are new rumblings of #Constantine on CW. I've heard nothing but will put out some feelers and see what I can learn. #Hellblazers"

Unfortunately, the news wasn't what some had hoped for. He confirmed as much in his next tweet.

"Checked with execs and CW Seed (streaming #Constantine) is separate from CW Network. So no current plans to bring back show. :( #Hellblazers"

Since the two are separate entities, the action of one doesn't necessarily affect the actions of the other. Still, Cerone does admit that there is always a chance as long as Matt Ryan, who played the occult detective on the show, is up for it.


".@korps As long as Matt Ryan breathes, there's always a possibility, I suppose. Matt's love for #Constantine is never in doubt. #Hellblazers"

It also doesn't preclude Ryan from making more guest appearances on other CW shows, like he did on Arrow this past season.