Gal Gadot Reveals She Stole A Batarang From Batman V Superman, And What She Uses It For

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot admits that she took a very special memento from her debut as a DC superhero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: one of the Batarangs used by Ben Affleck's Batman. Gal Gadot was doing an interview for her new Netflix movie Red Notice (co-starring The Rock and Ryan Reynolds), in which she plays a master art thief. That role begs the question: is Gal Gadot - an actress on some of the biggest movie sets in the world - an accomplished "art thief" in real life? A first Gal tried to claim she was on the side of the angels - until she remembered the sordid truth...

"You have just reminded me - I've been asked numerous time on these junkets if I ever stole something and I said just once when I was in second grade, and since then I didn't," Gadot told Jake's Takes. "But that's actually a lie: You just reminded me that when I was working on 'Batman vs Superman' I stole one of Batman's... you know the small bats that he throws? [Interviewer confirms the name: "Batarangs"] Yes! I stole it and you know what I do with this? I open Amazon boxes with it [laughs] because it's so sharp. So thank you for reminding me. It was a successful steal!" 

The thought of Wonder Woman using a stolen Batarang to open "Amazon boxes" is just... well the jokes pretty much write themselves on that one, no? 

It's also adorable to hear Gadot refer to Batarangs as "small bats that he throws." It pretty much confirms that even after half a decade and 4(.5) DC movies, the Wonder Woman star still seems to have the same level of cursory knowledge about other DC heroes as a mom who is trying to keep up in superhero conversation with her kids. 


While Gadot is currently busy trying to hype Red Notice for its big release on Netflix, DC Fans are keeping a watchful eye on where she goes from here, as DC and Warner Bros. recently confirmed that Wonder Woman 3 is in the works. Wonder Woman franchise director Patty Jenkins got some special help announcing Wonder Woman 3 during the recent DC FanDome event - from none other than former Wonder Woman TV star Lynda Carter, who will have a "significant role" in the threequel: 

"We're super excited about Wonder Woman 3," Jenkins said. "Gal, who is so bummed not to be here, who is the busiest person in the world with now three little kids and shooting, she's so bummed not to be able to be here. But we are all three very excited about some exciting things coming up with Wonder Woman 3." 

Red Notice will be on Netflix this Friday. Wonder Woman 3 does not yet have a release date.