'Gotham': Robin Lord Taylor Teases Penguin's Upcoming Partnership With Jerome

If you thought Penguin was dangerous with no one but Zsasz at his side, you're not ready for what [...]

If you thought Penguin was dangerous with no one but Zsasz at his side, you're not ready for what the Gotham villain has coming next. In the second half of Season 4, fan-favorite baddie Jerome is making his return to the series, and he's teaming up with ol' Oswald Cobblepot for quite the chaotic partnership.

The Penguin, who so desperately wants to bring order and control to Gotham City, will be working side-by-side with Jerome, who is the physical embodiment of chaos. How on Earth is that going to work out?

We had a chance to speak with Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor about the upcoming partnership, and he explained that, while the two men are complete opposites, they're also a perfect pair.

"Chaos and order," Taylor said of the two characters. "These are two things that are very volatile together. At the same time, they both understand fundamentally what it means to control people."

The actor went on to liken the relationship between Penguin and Jerome to the force of two magnets. They can either instantly attract, or they push as far away from one another as possible.

"So I think when they find each other; it's like magnets," he explained. "Are the poles aligned or are they not? Because they could either snap together or be archenemies until the end of time. We'll have to see."

While the characters are completely polarizing, Robin Lord Taylor has really loved working with Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome. The two have never had scenes together until now, but Taylor couldn't say enough about their impeccable chemistry.

"I just had the most amazing episode with Cameron Monaghan. There are very few scenes I've done on the show that I felt so... That captured the full range of human emotion and what you can put a person through, so yeah. It's really incredible."

Gotham airs new episodes on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, and Jerome is set to make his return to the show in early 2018.